Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Gene Hazelton - Reynolds Wrap, the perfect cigarette foil

Here's Gene Hazelton. He was a cartoon designer/ Layout artist for Clampett, then Avery and probably many others.

It seems he might have also designed animated commercials, like this one.

Girl In Reynolds Wrap Foil Land

Those were the days! When a cute little girl can take time out from play to sell you cigarette tin foil!

Gene is a great draftsman and is especially known for his very appealing cute style.

Let's bring back cuteness and appeal to cartoons, sometime, huh?
Looks like some Hank Ketcham influence too.

Mmm, don't you just want to eat that foil? It melts in your fillings.

Ed Benedict liked Gene and his work a lot and always talked fondly of him to me. Gene designed many of the cute kid characters in Hanna Barbera cartoons. Pebbles, The Cave Kids, Magilla's little bitch and many more.

He also drew many of the Hanna Barbera comic strips in the 1960s. I used to collect and save them all and copy the drawings.
Gene did the layouts for Tex Avery's "Farm Of Tomorrow".

He did layouts on the UPA Dick Tracy show. His episodes really stand out for their great design and appeal.

I don't know a heck of a lot about him and what else he did, but I always like his stuff when I discover it.

Anyone else have any info on this wonderful cartoonist?