Tuesday, June 17, 2008

In the ball park

Here's 3 styles that would all fit well into the "spumco style" which is more of a flavor than a set style. All different, yet all compatible.



Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

With the exception of Rex, do these artists have experience? Or are these amateur attempts?

- trevor.

Mitch L said...

I like that flashy sody, I really want to be able to draw like that!

Frank Macchia said...

i hate to sound like an idiot, but just out of curiosity..what are the strengths of these styles that contribute or fit with the spumco flavour?...i figure the first red examples have extremely solid construction and 3d form...what about the others?...again, just curious

Jim Rockford said...

Love the drawing of big eyed George at the top and the one of him and Jimmy on the couch!

Cant wait to see this show.

Lynsey said...

Wow! These are great - I particularly like the first and last ones.

If you don't mind me asking, who drew what here? - I think I can recognise the work of Amir, Rex and yourself, but I might be mistaken!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the show either. I like the red pencil sketches up top the most.
By the way, I was looking at your account, and I saw other blogs you had set up (like the Pontiac Vibe blog). I was curious about those.

Fuzzy Duck said...

Such lively sketches. Lovin' Sody Pop!

Jeff Read said...

Completely unrelated, but I thought John might like this:

Old videogame commercial.

Back when the game industry was young, their ad men had bigger brains than they do now.

"Well I am a corporate executive."

"He stops exciting things from happening!"

The truth of that is timeless.

Dan said...

theres drawings are awesome, john! very expressive!
can you explain a bit of how the 3 styles different from each other? I think the first two are very circular, and rounded; while the last one is more angular and more straight lines. and why they fit in "spumco style", and why they are all different but still compatible? is it because their porportions are the same and they are all based on circles?

Gabriele_Gabba said...

Mmmm interesting, you know, they're all great and all quite different, i really can't tell you how nice it is that a director would allow his kin to be artistically free, so many places shoot that down in favour of static and boring designs that 'MUST BE 999% acurate' -how boring indeed!

Sven Hoek said...

MMMMmmmmm Kali makes sexy girly drawings. She's hot!

Anthony Rizzo said...

Hey John,

More drawrings for u to check out if you still are at all. Thanks!

More Georges!


John Pannozzi said...

Could you "Sody" to the tags for this post? Thanks.