Sunday, June 01, 2008

more sides of George and the Science of Close Ups

A specific expression contains more than one emotion. This is an expression of wonder, discovery and eagerness.The above is an accent expression. It's close up and more detailed to tell you that his emotion has changed dramatically. The closer the framing is on a character, the more details you can add and more important: THE MORE CONTRAST YOU CAN DRAW IN THE BASIC DESIGN.

In close ups I always caricature my own character designs. Just the same way as I would caricature a living human by exaggerating the contrasts of someone's face.

***Be sure that the extra details flow around the larger forms. Hierarchy!

The smaller the character is in a scene, the less detailed and less contrasted the proportions can be.

George's Soft Side:

Many people (esp. hippie ladies) think that all Republicans are evil all the time. They yell and scream and live by archaic blind rules of societies long dead. This is only one side of a regular guy, though.
George doesn't yell and scream all the time. He has softer elements to his personality. George has much empathy for God's creatures, especially the ones that recognize their place in the grand order of things.
George doesn't hunt out of malice for animals. He just believes that it is man's place to destroy the environment and that God put us here and gave us the wits and hormones to do it.
In these images by the extremely complex Jim Smith, George is explaining this with great empathy to a poor lowly creature before he takes him out.

There is more than one emotion happening in these drawings too. He is not only showing his concern for the lesser creature's feelings, he is also asking for you to understand and approve of his murderous ways. He wants you to absolve him of any guilt and way down deep inside he knows that there is probably something wrong with killing for sport.

Some urges are so powerful and ingrained that they are impossible to resist even when you know they might cause harm. Like the urge to pull triggers, an urge that has been implanted in man by God. For George, it just feels so damn to tug a trigger that he has to find honest and decent justifications sanctioned by God, America and tradition.
So you see, hippie ladies, George is not always mad. And is not all bad just because he has manly urges.

George gets mad when something doesn't follow the rules; when he can't control a situation, but as long as you obey the natural order, he loves you. He'll still blow your brains out if there is a good enough justification, like any good Republican would, but he should still be loveable.