Saturday, June 14, 2008

Slab N Ernie Models 1


Blammo said...

Hi John,
Just saw your comment on my BLAMMOBlog.
You posted quite a few items down so I only just saw it(kind of late)
It was nice to hear from you and thanks for the inquiry.
Yes I can draw in those styles but unfortunately I am really busy.
Hopefully one day i will get to play in your sandbox.

Did that sound gay?;)
As you approve these responses you can delete this so it doesn't interfere with your Slab and Ernie post above.I had no other way to contact you.


Gabriel said...

i think the third one looks kind of weird. The ones from 'babysitting the idiot'(?) are amazing, though! It's interesting how the best ones were actually made to be seen for just a few frames.

Hammerson said...

Terrific drawings! I like these two bastards, gonna try to draw them tomorrow. In the meantime, please take a look at some Sody Pop pictures I made earlier this week:
My practice blog

jhbmw007 said...

Hey John, I've been watching a little too much scrapbooking shows with my wife and led me to create the George Liquor Paper Pal! See pics here:

Here's the page to print and make your own kiddies, hah:

SugarPete said...

Great poses...really boring character designs though.

Lex10 said...

Watching Jetsons last night- saw YOU in the animation. You were listed as Layout supervisor, how come it's so strongly influenced in your style? It seem more than just layout.....

Captain Napalm said...

I agree with Gabriel on the third one down. Seems a bit less constructed somehow. Also the poses are too similar - they look almost like opposing mirror images of each other, save for some subtle differences and the fact that one of them is holding a frog.

Is it weird to get criticism that's based on your own ideas?

Gabriele_Gabba said...

I like the stills they have some great life to them, and that last one has that SPUMCO finger thing i love, hope we get to see more! *takes out the hungry fangs*

Mattieshoe said...

I like them in the first Picture.

Don't really care for the designs of the latter ones.

Trevour said...

I just played Pizza Packin' Moron the other day! That's a really fun intro when Slab n' Ernie order the pizza. Ernie reminds me of a weird kid I knew in college.

Of course after all these years I have yet to beat that game. I still have the file I purchased off the old Spumco site... what was that, 2001? But I see you can watch and play it here. That Gabe Swarr's pretty hilarious!

Paul B said...

Hi John!

hey, i found this little drawings in the internet
I think that they are very graceful, they have funny shapes, appeal, style construction, asimetry, clear sillouethes etc.

what to you think about them?

your pal, Paul.

Paul B said...

here's the link, hehehehe

Mitch L said...

Love these characters. So fun to draw them.

Gonna doodle them for practising poses.

JonnyPlank said...

I absolutely love the first drawing in the list. That one is amazingly fun to look at. Ernie almost looks like he has a coat hanger rammed in his mouth! And the way Slab stands pigeon-toed is great!

The second one, I don't like as much. I guess I'm just a sucker for really crazy curvy lines or something. Maybe it has to do with the more balanced proportions. Or, further still, it may be the vertical posing and double-vision composition. But I don't like it so much.

The third one is boring. I can barely tell the two apart. Their posing is bland. And their bodies have no interesting features. Even in cartoon skin simplicity, you've gotta' have something to break it up a bit! Points of interest! Contrasts! Matching and mismatching elements!

The last three are okay, but I still don't like them as much as the top one. The posing is certainly better here. Ernie's crazy cheeks come across as a sort of awkward lump, which sticks out of his face horizontally, no matter what direction he turns his head, like a weird plane that crosses between the third and second dimension. But Slab looks pretty good there, really ape-like.

Sven Hoek said...

The colored ones looks really cool. I am starting to like those two. I have never really liked them much because they used to torture Jimmy, but they look much more appealing now for some reason.

Mattieshoe said...

I'm gonna be frank for a second, John.

One of the reasons for me not being in love with APC is for SOME of the drawings;the rough and (in my opinion) unappealing ones like the last three pictures here.

I'm not enough of an expert to know what's wrong with them (or even if there IS anything wrong with them) but I Just don't like the Disjointed, and (forgive me if I'm defining it wrong) unprincipled looks of the last three.

I'd be much happier with the well-constructed look of the first drawing.

Just wanted to give you some feedback for the George Liquor Show.

JohnK said...

I agree

But I don't have a lot of drawings of them yet.

I remembber yelling at someone about the backwards perspective on the eyes.

HemlockMan said...

Those two look like they're up to no good.