Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Make Someone Deliriously Happy This Christmas!

Jimmy, George and Sody wish you a merry Christmas


Idiot - Jimmy the Idiot Boy Shirt

Liquor - George Liquor T-shirt<span class=Yay For Cartoon Geeks - Sody Pop Shirt" title="Yay For Cartoon Geeks - Sody Pop Shirt" border="0" height="300" hspace="0" vspace="0" width="248">What's This Crap? T-shirt



These toys were made in the far future and transported back to our secret warehouse in Texas, where real Americans reside.


These are big and squeezable and will bring love to your whole household.


Know a lonely guy? This is the perfect toy to attract girls.



Jimmy of the Future comes complete with suckable anti gravity rubber nipple moon boots. Who else is gonna give you that?





King-elect of America Vinyl FigureYour loved ones will want to celebrate the order by having the new ruler of the free world under the tree.


Each and every one of these Hillary dolls have been personally flocked by communist atheists who want you to have the most wonderful Christmas ever.


If you know someone who doesn't believe in turning the other cheek at Christmas, then this guy is for him! Her?

Everything will be all right now.

Buy them here!


trevor thompson said...

Unfortunately, Change didn't come to our family's wallets soon enough. In fact, that's all we have is change.

Didn't that Liquor doll used to have a different face? Like, wasn't it just his teeth and not the mouth opening on the right side?

Seems to me I saw ol' George sitting on someone's desk in a Pixar documentary, and I remember thinking that it was out of place.

- trevor.

trevor thompson said...
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trevor thompson said...

Seriously.... were there ever Sody Pop dolls with realistic parts?

- trevor.

JohnK said...

See now, Trevor?

You've gone and scared everyone else away.

Owen said...

I'mahna buy George Liquors for my entire family.

Shawn said...

Hoooly CRAP!
I want the Rex & Champy shirt!

Taco Wiz said...

I'd buy the Obama toy, but it's a statue. I want a huggable Obama [I'm a weird twelve/almost thirteen year old]. I also bought the George toy on eBay months ago. I'd buy one of the Jimmy toys, but they're expensive for toys.

Zach Bellissimo said...

I really wish that Sody Pop shirt was in stock :c

PCUnfunny said...

LOL ! Looks like you got a little trouble pushing them Hilary dolls.

JohnK said...


PCUnfunny said...

The page says the Hilary doll is marked down from $24.99 to $19.99. ;)

Ben Forbes said...

I bought all 3 Presidential toys, even though it was difficult finding a way to get them to Canada. I might buy one of the plushes.

diego cumplido said...

"Jimmy's Club House" box is an excellent box.

Peter Bernard said...

This comment is unrelated to the topic, but I thought you might like to see this video of a ten year old girl telling us about how she once had a Ren and Stimpy birthday party.

She talks about other stuff in there too, sorry about that. I don't know if they still are but at least at first YouTube was putting a Ren and Stimpy ad on the video page! You can see that here:

Happy Christmas, or whatever you Canadians call it.

Jeffrey said...

Second on the Sody Pop doll...and cartoon series. I still have the Sody Pop Zippo I bought at ComicCon years ago. (It said it was "official Spumco"...hopefully I didn't get ripped off)

trevor thompson said...

See now, Trevor?

You've gone and scared everyone else away.

I'll betcha five bucks it was the Pixar comment that did it. I knew I was speechless when I saw it.

It couldn't be the other thing, the idea of a Sody doll is only scary to angry hippies and soccer moms.

- trevor.

Frank said...

Woo Hoo ! I just got my Australian 2 disc DVD set of "Ripping Friends" in the mail...
The complete set ! All 13 episodes together !
They are "Region 4" DVDs, but play perfect on my apple computer...




or where i got mine,


Frank said...
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thistler said...

I would buy a Jimmy of the Future if I could afford money.

Marlo Meekins said...

king of america, har haw

Kriztoffer Swank said...

The answer to this question is probably obvious, but I just wanted to be absolutely certain before I order: the political toys 3-pack comes with all of the individual boxes for each toy, correct? I'd hate to get 'em blandly thrown into budget packaging or something.

Party Till You Puke. said...

I'd love to take my Spumco dolls out of their boxes but it seems like a quarter of the appeal is those beautiful boxes.