Monday, May 11, 2009

He's Dead You Eediot!

Here's a couple scenes I animated.
This head turn was based on the funny head turns the cats do in Kitty Kornered when Porky first kicks them out into the snow.
I think this might be the first lip synch scene I ever did where I didn't follow pre-drawn mouth charts.

Ren has a side of his personality that shows pity for dumb animals. Here it is for a moment.

I set the scene up so that you expect Ren to softly tell Stimpy in kind terms what "dead" means.
But then the real Ren takes over. His other side hates ignoramuses.
I used flashing abstract backgrounds and the sound of furious bees to heighten the effect of the shock of the idea of death.
This last scene is animated by Dave Feiss. Very stylish, especially for the time.