Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weird Kirby and his audience of Athletes, Balding children and Ugly Girls

I think Jack Kirby is my favorite "realistic" artist. Maybe because he's not very realistic.He sure is a stylist. You can tell he's influenced by Milton Caniff, but he added all kinds of weirdness to it.
I really love this late 40s-early 50s stuff. The inking is really unique too.

Here are some "normal people".
These are great stories for kids too.

If you wanna be as good as Kirby, they'll sell you this kit that can make anybody draw.

I love who they advertised to in kiddie comic books back then. I can image an 8 year old wrapped in his new leopard skin car seat covers.
Can you imagine this world class athlete standing on the street corner in his health support girdle reading the latest issue of Casper?

There must have been a lot of balding children in the 50s.
Ugly girls must have read a lot of Kirby comics too. Because cute ones don't really need to be taught how to attract boys, do they?