Thursday, May 07, 2009

Yogi Sundays

This was one of my favorite strips when I was a kid because it was drawn so well and it's so appealing. Most of these are Eisenberg, but a couple panels confuse me.
Like these kids look like Gene Hazelton kids, but Yogi and BooBoo are totally Eisenberg.
These are definitely Harvey... I love this style. Ed Benedict mid-century modern, mixed with construction and composition, organic angles (as opposed to straight lines and hard corners).
I wish someone would collect all these into a nice book, but I doubt it will happen, because it's not a comic that originated as a strip. It might be considered too low class by publishers.
I don't know though, it's so well drawn and fun that I think these pages should be hanging in a museum....or in my house!

Go look at the full strips here:

Here's an odd page. It looks like it was drawn by the 1961 main Yogi Bear Show layout guy - Tony Rivera - but inked by someone much better: