Monday, January 04, 2010

Hierarchy 2a Finishing Rocky and Bullwinkle's Details

Bullwinkle's HeadIf you've already gone this far, you are ready to add some details:
First, place a block on the front of the face where he eyes will be contained.
Then draw the individual eyes. The far eye is cut off by the muzzle overlapping it. (Excuse my crappy lines. It's hard for me to draw on the computer. Gimme my lined notepaper!)
Note that here is where style starts to kick in. The muzzle, instead of being strictly a mathematical oval, has a few angles to make it organic and interesting. The angles are not hard edged and flow around the form of the muzzle. This is careful style, not an anarchic rejection of form.

Here, Bullwinkle's individual antlers are chaotic. They don't follow any particular larger form. They just go where they want to at random.
Here they follow the hierarchy of the larger more dominant forms. The dominant forms make the rules and the sub-forms should follow them.

More to come...

*** I noticed some people are copying this drawing. I have a tip: Don't let the angles obliterate the construction underneath. People get too angle crazy! The angles should be soft and subtle.