Saturday, January 30, 2010

Slab's First Fist 16 Victory Release Dance

A couple people have yelled at me because I usually use lined paper to draw my storyboards on, so I thought I'd experiment with drawing straight into a sketchbook. It's not as comfortable for me, but here it is-just for the complainers.It takes Donald a second to realize the fight is over and then he bursts into his victory ritual!
He does his famous "put him out of his misery" mock shotgun bit! Pure humiliation!
He races around the yard in triumph and hops up onto the fence! The crowd goes wild!
The whole neighborhood eats it up! Who doesn't love this hall of fame champion?
Donald does a backflip off the fence!
A perfect landing! What an athlete! What an athlete!
He gives the camera a thumbs up and his local gang signal!
Big John holds the hands of his anxious opponents. This is the only place you can do that in this great nation of ours, folks.
And now we wait for the official judge's verdict. That is one sad looking headless boy there.