Friday, January 22, 2010

Slab's First Fist 15: Hormone Surge

DB has ingested Slab's pooberty fists and the results are obvious!His whole body is swelling with the raging hormones of youth. He is adding strength to his already impressive MMA skills!
He throws a punishing blow to Slab, knocking his head clear off! This could be bad for the younger opponent!
Slab's in trouble! Donald has achieved full mount position!
Oh My God! He's punishing the kid! It's a merciless onslaught of flying feathered fists! Slab's not intelligently defending himself! This is just sheer senseless violence! This is not what this sport is about!
Say, who's that climbing over the fence??!
Why, it's BIG JOHN - the world's greatest MMA ref!
No one sees more or reacts quicker than John. He lunges at the foes and separates them.
It's over, it's over! Big John has stopped the fight!

Slab is outraged! The fans are booing! This could be a controversial stoppage!

to be continued....