Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Eric Wrobbel Slaps The Face Of Modernity

I remember a time when you'd swear everyone was a design genius. Every TV, appliance, Fridge, Toaster and even transistor radio was beautiful to look at- and there was an endless variety of designs for each humdrum everyday household item. We took all this wealth of eye candy for granted.

Now everything looks like this:

These are actually 2 different TVs and 2 different brands!

and check out this retarded ad:
90% blank space and a tiny black sliver of the featureless product. This is supposed to induce us to buy it? Yet everyone thinks this way today - except Eric Wrobbel, thank God!

Look what Sony used to be capable of:

Eric collects old cool looking radios and makes his own books about them-and he lays them out to give us collectors exactly what we want!

In Eric's Own Words:

This great new book shows all SEVENTY of the fabulous, highly-collectible Crown radios. 64 transistor radios, plus three pocket tube radios and three crystal radios! All beautifully photographed in FULL COLOR. Over 100 full color images in all!

Most are shown nowhere else. This is your only source for a complete listing of all collectible models. And every single model is pictured! All of them.

See rarities galore! Many of these great radios–especially the early ones–were made only in small quantities and few have survived. Many have never been seen outside of Japan. They’ve never been on eBay and probably never will!

See early Crowns that are hand-wired and made with American-made transistors. See early, early Crown kit radios!

Plus: Learn lots of interesting info about this elusive radio maker and about their connection to Linmark, Harpers, Midge, and Olympic.

Get all the model numbers, measurements, battery sizes, and lots more info and detail. Plus see original boxes, advertisements, and even an original Crown store display case loaded with fabulous Crowns!

This book is nothing like those other collector books that are sooooo boring with page after page of dry descriptions. This book is a visual feast! It doesn’t just describe the radios, it shows you the radios! Every item is pictured, and in full color!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back, including the shipping charge. You’ve got nothing to lose!

Buy It Now!

Goddamn-bring back fun and imaginative design to the poor world!
Buy some of Eric's books and see what is possible with a little creativity.