Saturday, April 17, 2010

How Do You Feel About Human Eyes On Cartoon Characters?

Human eyes, but a cartoon expression that actual human eyes don't ever make. Maybe he has a tick in his left eye.

The human body but with cartoon proportions adds to the perversion. To me that makes him look like a sideshow freak, rather than a wacky cartoon character, but then I'm "old-school".

I wonder when this type of thing started and what the reasoning is behind it?They must think there is something wrong with this design. But then why make a movie of it? Because the stories and characterization were great? Has the whole world gone crazy? I would love to be in on a meeting when some big executives decide how they are going to fix old cartoon characters by changing everything that made them popular. Is there film of a meeting of executives doing this? Now that would be pure entertainment. They should make a movie about the nutty world of executives who hate common sense.
This reminds me of when Hollywood takes comedians who are really popular on Saturday Night Live or other shows and then makes depressing serious movies with them. Modern Hollywood purposely goes against what seems to be common sense. They are supposed to be trying to make money, but they go go out of their way to play against everything they know the public expects and wants. It's like a big contest between the major studios for who can make the sickest ugliest most depressing 90 minute torture sessions. It's the modern Inquisition.