Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Sad Day

I just heard very sad news. My friend and hero, Mike Pataki has died. Mike, of course was the voice of George Liquor - as well as your favorite Klingon and many other TV and Movie characters.

Mike was a one of a kind, a totally unique character and actor. He could act, sing, punch and do just about anything you could imagine. The guy had true star quality. Whenever we did recordings together we'd all be in stitches just listening to him ad lib his lines. That's how Mike would get into the role. He would play on our reactions. The more we laughed, the more energy he seemed to get. And he always wanted to do it one more time.

The guy never quit. As the sessions went on, he would sweat more and more, and gradually remove his clothes until he was practically naked-which would only make us laugh more. His constantly inventive portrayals of George made me rethink how I wrote for him.

I don't really know what else to say. I'm still in shock and not very good at putting words together at the moment. I just know he was the best and I'll miss the heck out of him and his zany phone calls.

My love and sympathy go out to his wife, T and his friends and family. If you are a fan of Mike too, please comment and let his loved ones know you loved him too.

Here are some of his truly memorable scenes.