Saturday, January 01, 2011

George Scarbo Funny Animals

Here's a real find: The Comic Zoo by George Scarbo
I don't know anything about him except that he has a really unique and appealing style.
It's cute but bold and aggressively confident.

I love the way he draws eyes.
This pussy reminds me of the little cute one in Kitty Kornered. I bet Clampett was a fan of Scarbo. I wish he was around to ask.

I only knew about Scarbo at all because of couple of his strips are printed in Walter T. Foster's classic "The Modern Cartoon" book:
There is also a lot of great cartoon intsruction in Foster's "How To Draw Comics" book. I used to stare at the strips and wonder about them when I was a kid. They are printed in black and white in the book so I could really marvel at the great linework and striking designs.

I never thought I'd see the original color strips but thanks to the magical Chris Lopez here they are. I don't know how he, Ger, Mykal and others do it but we cartoonists owe the guys for making all this great stuff available.