Thursday, January 06, 2011

Help Wanted

Hey, I'm doing some short station IDs for your favorite network and need some freelancers to help out
I would especially like to hire some folks who can use Harmony/ToonBoom.If you can:
Ink and Paint
Paint Backgrounds
Are cartoony and stylish and like stuff that is exaggerated and slightly nutty

put a link to your stuff in the comments.

I especially would like to find a couple animators in the LA area who can use Toonboom because we are producing most of the stuff in Harmony. It's a very easy program to animate in.

**** It will be helpful if you put active links in the comments. - thanks!


El Arte de Mr. Swartz said...

Dan said...

Hi John

I'd like to help if I can. My link is

JoeyCee said...

SoleilSmile said...

YAY! Spumcø's back!

Pedro Vargas said...

I'd like to help with some ink and paint if that's okay:

Here's my blog--->link

I don't have Harmony/ToonBoom, but I can ink in Illustrator if that's what you'd be using.

Adam Gunn said...

Are you planning not to use Flash anymore?

Anonymous said...

I can fulfill the inking position!:)

Willva films said...

Id love to help but i'm a flash kid and i live in Australia... so no and no i guess =). thats my latest film

and i'm still a student... so no again, i guess =)

good luck anyway =)

David said...

Hey John,

I have made my cartoon in Toon Boom Animate, which is very similar to Harmony. I have worked with Harmony too! Here's the cartoon:

I hope I can help you with animation or inking. If you like the backgrounds of the cartoon, I can ask to the painter to contact you!

Nicholas T. Perkins said...

Since you closed down Spumco, what's the name of your new studio anyway?

Severin said...

Some inking work to shake out the winter fat would be just the thing.


I live in Burbank, and I'm fast, hardworking, and responsive to instructions. Inking is my specialty. I can also color and animate, though I haven't animated in quite some time. The only trouble is that I haven't used ToonBoom or Harmony, but I can use Flash and Photoshop and I pick up new programs pretty quickly. From what I've seen ToonBoom looks easier than Flash.

For more of my stuff, I've got a DA gallery here and I post comics here. Good luck finding the artists you're looking for!

Harmke said...

do you already found out if Harmony files can be opened in Animate and Animate files in Harmony? Because I only have ToonBoom Animate...

brian estrada said...

brian estrada said...
brian estrada
woodbury university 2010

Claudio Acciari said...

Hi John, do you need somebody that can give you final scenes using the programs you just mentioned or you are searching also for separate competences?
In that case I may turn out been useful for backgrounds.
I live in Italy and I use to work digitally, let me know if you are interested for a collaboration.

zmerrill said...

These look nice so far. Too bad I don't have the animation experience to really do this...

Hope this didn't waste your comments.

Anonymous said...

sounds like it could be fun.
i'm not in the LA area, but have used ToonBoom and have done a lot of traditional work as well. Here's a link to my showreel blog -

john huggins said...

Hey Mr. K. Huge fan living in Canada, love your blog, I can ink and do backgrounds, not sure if your looking for L.A. based soldiers only.

I can't thank you enough for the wonderful access to your knowledge and know-how, very kind. It has helped my work a lot thanks John Huggins

Fabián Fucci said...

Couple of animators and illustrators in Argentina. We would like to know more.

Mick said...

JSharp said...

Hey John,

I can ink, paint, and animate, and I know Harmony and Animate Pro.

Here is a link to my site

I currently live in Ohio, however, graduate this spring and will be moving near the Los Angeles area in the beginning of June.

Thank you for your time,


Rossco said...

Hi John.
I'm all the way in Australia but I would love the chance to work with you and learn from you.
I can do backgrounds and layouts...
Thanks John.

Here's my blog

Makinita said...

Hi John My name is Andres Silva aka Makinita im an animator and ilustrator heres my stuff
im from Ecuador Ecuador hope u like it

Makinita said...

Hi John heres my stuff

Timothy Merks said...

I'd love to work on this, curse not living in LA. Your drawing style... seriously you're just way ahead of everyone else

Adele said...

I'm not even remotely a professional, and have yet to actually enroll in an animation program. However, here's a link to what I have done. Ignore the first and the last on the reel.

Cory said...

Hi John - I'm available for concept work, character design, painting, inking...I'm in Long Beach.



NicklasNN said...

Hey, Mr. K!

Here's a link to my stuff,

My e-mail's if you ever want to get in contact.

kurtwil said...

Glad to see you're getting involved with Toon Boom. You'll love it! BTW, Animate and Animate Pro have superseded Solo, but offer a ton of tools.

meanwhile, write Dan Larson at:

I've been out of touch with him for years so that address may fail, but he's one of the best Toon Boom guys out there, has worked on a ton of shows including several WB features, and lives in LA!

I've dabbled with Toon Boom but would neither be fast enough nor close enough (Portland OR's long way off) to help here. Good luck!

Calvin said...

I have a lot of cartoon sketches that I have yet to publish online. But I can ink like no other. Check these out and let me know if I can help in anyway...

Niki said...

Hi John! I read this and got really excited to how off! I'll put up my blogger and Deviant art pages to show I can draw, I can ink and paint but they are too big and they are student paintings if that is a problem. I have some animation knowledge from you. I have yet to draw any cartoony backgrounds that I've painted, although I have painted realistic ones.

My DA Page

My Blogger

reza said...

im glad you are biting the bullet and getting focused! im sure youll be able to find a lot of people willing to help.

if you are interested in my help, i think the best and most i could do is make one scene look incredibly animated. hopefully this is exactly what youd like from numerous people!

heres a link to my posts ive made on a joint blog:

and there are small animation examples on there on the second page i believe. and i know how to use toonboom

best of luck!

Rajesh said...


I'm not too familiar with ToonBoom or Harmony, but I am a quick learner.

My work can be seen at and



frankg11 said...

hey John, I'd love to help out in any way I can. I can animate but am also very good at inking and painting. Here's a link to my blog. It has some drawings, inkings, and a few links to some animation I did this year. Here's my link:
Love to hear back from you if you need the help! Thanks!

Scott said...

Hey! My name is Scott Vanderheyden and I'm interested in helping out! I'm a roommate of Alex Vassilev and graduated in the same class as him from Woodbury. I enjoy inking and flat coloring, the latter I do for DC Comics as freelance. Here are some examples of my work. Thank you for your time and consideration!

YULFO! said...

Hey John!

I would love to help out in anyway I can. I mostly work with flash but I also have tried Toonboom. Here's a Link to my work.

YULFO! said...

Hey John!

I would love to help out here's a link to my work.

lisadosson said...

Hi Mr. K,
I'm a little nervous since this is the first time I have ever commented on your blog, but I can color and compose in Toonboom. Here is a link to my blog. My toonboom animation is at the top, and I will post a copy of my resume as well.
Thanks :) Lisa

rachelcpeters said...

Dear Mr. K,
Hello! My name is Rachel Peters, of

I'd love to help. Although I'm very versatile, my natural style is to be over-the-top cartoony and stylish, buggy-eyed, etc.
Please check out my design page:

and scroll all the way through to see how varied I can be,

My figure drawing:

and my Media page as well:

I can relocate for a contract, if need be.

Also, feel free to check out other parts of my site just for fun. My "Franken Toys" are becoming a bit of an internet sensation.

My resume is found at this link:

Thank you!
Hoping to hear,
Rachel Peters

KartoonKween said...

I would LOVE to help you out with animating or background painting! I'm a current animation major but I don't have my website up yet

Brandon Waltman said...

I'm in the LA area and looking for work! I've never used Toon Boom but it seems like a program that would be easy to learn quickly.


Some drawings:


Brandon Waltman said...

I'm in the LA area and looking for work! I've never used Toon Boom but it seems like a program that would be easy to learn quickly.


Some drawings:


David said...

John, I don't remember if I made an active link for you to click on, anyway, here it is again:

Slim Pickings Fat Chances

I hope you like it!

Fábio Oliveira said...

i wish,

Ryan said...

Available for inking or BG's


Hi John
I'd like to send you a copy of my new comic book.
Can you send me a mailing address?
Here's my website!
Keep up the great work!
(thanks for the t-shirt and sketch!)

Alex said...

This looks awesome!!! I wish I could help... I don't know either of those programs though =/

Deemo said...

Hey John,

I put up some of my work on my blog for you to check out. Im going to keep updating with more work soon. I put up some BGs, and Inks. Look forward to hearing from you.

Demetrius Seger


NicklasNN said...

Hey, already posted a link but let me try to make it active:

My Site

Hope this helps! :)

Carl Peterson said...

Hello Mr. K, sir! If you need some cheap/free labor, I'd love to work with you. I'm an aspiring animator in the San Francisco area but am happy to relocate.

My blog
My website

Kristen Nicholas Sych said...

Would love to animate for you on these spots. Unfortunately do not have access to Harmony yet.

If you think I'm still worth working with, I'm Shavonne Cherry's husband, so ask Mike Fontanelli how to get in touch with her. I'm not sure about posting my contact info on your site--no offense meant, sir.

Kristen Nicholas Sych said...

John, I saw your help wanted, and am very interested in animating for you (all the way back to your first Bjork video that my friends worked on). You can check out my stuff at:

Unfortunately, I don't have access to ToonBoom at the moment, but if you're still interested, I'm Shavonne Cherry's husband, so Mike Fontanelli will know how to get in touch with me through her, or you can email me at


Kristen Nicholas Sych

Trey Brown said...

Trey Brown Designs and Paintings

SoleilSmile said...
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lisadosson said...

Hi Mr K,
I'm not sure if my first post worked, so just in case, here is the link to my animation and resume again:

Thanks! -Lisa

Deemo said...

Hey John,

I put up some more inked drawings and another BG. I also posted a bunch of doodles. I will put up some more later. Im really interested in helping you out.

Demetrius Seger

Eidenbrock said...

Hey John, I'd love to do some inking or coloring for you!

Here is some of my stuff!

Amy said...

Hi! I would love to work with you--

my blog is here:

my portfolio is here:

Thanks and good luck with your project!


Deemo said...

hey johns whats the tip you wanna give me?

SoleilSmile said...

Hi John,
my previous post had private links for I thought this would be a closed thread.
Here's the link to my public animation channel on vimeo:

Ashanti Miller Animation

Thanks for invite!

She-Thing said...

Hah, I wish I could be at least in your school. Unless you're interested in students who know the stuff.

She-Thing said...

Anyway, just to give it a try, everyone seems to participate-

patrick sevc said...

Hi John, Here are some backgrounds I've done. Some digital, some hand-painted. Some hybrid.

Josh Kenfield said...

I live in South LA and would love to help out:

patrick sevc said...

Also, here is some inking & painting I've done. In Illustrator.


There's a few layouts of yours in there I inked.


Kelvin said...

Hello John!

I would love to do some work with you and get some real experience under my belt as well! While not being able to animate, I think I'm able to do some painting and inking for you.

Here's my stuff to look at -

And my e-mail, in case, is

Thank you.

HoboToons said...

Hi Mr. K,

We have a couple of years of experience with Toon Boom Animate and 7+ years of experience broadcasting. We would love to do some work for you!

Here is our YouTube channel:

Brandon Waltman said...

Active links from an earlier post!

[a href="">Reel[/a]
[a href="">Drawings[/a]


Guy Cx said...

Hey John, here's my portfolio. It's in portuguese, but I don't think that'll be a problem. I know how to use ToonBoom Animate pretty well and Adobe Illustrator, but I don't know how Harmony works.

Is distance a problem? For I live in Brazil.

Chris Real said...

Amber Gail said...
In Canada, though.

Chip Butty said...

I can't draw, but I can totally write for cartoons! Want to read my Animaniacs spec script?

lol j/k, j.k.

Joe said...

Hey Man! Great looking artwork!
I can help with Ink and Paint and am pretty quick at learning new softwares. I can do some AE compositing too if you need it?

Justin John Greene said...

Hello Mr. K,
I would love to work on your project. Ren and Stimpy was a huge influence on me growing up and encouraged me to pursue art and animation as my life's passion. I am an avid fan of the golden age of animation, especially Popeye and other toons of that same anthropomorphic wackiness. I think I'd be an excellent addition to your team.

A.BERTE said...

I have an 'illustration-esque' quality that borders cartoony and fuzzy. Maybe I could help somehow. Thanks!


Paul B said...

Hi John!
I'm glad to hear this!

I work with toon boom animation, I recently animate a mini serie in that software, here's the link for chapter 1:


I'd like to help if I can.
good luck!
Your pal, paul.

Peter Hon said...

Lohen said...

Demo reel


Brent Noll said...


Would love to help out in any way, Previously you have posted one of my inks on your blog.

perhaps you need assistance with inking in photoshop or illustrator. or web related illustrations.

I work for an animation motion graphic company in Austin. we mostly use after effects however. but I'm extremely computer proficient.

Dorseytunes said...

Hey John,

Here are some links to some of my studies and original characters. Would like to work with you in any capacity.


- Preston Blair
- Warner Brothers
- Disney

Original Designs

Thanks for the opportunity!


Justin said...

Hi, john! Here's some of my stuff;

David Gale said...

My digital inking/colour

David Gale said...

Here's something a bit more recent.

Anonymous said...

AJ said... just cus everyone else has postsed their art/animation even if yhey can't relocate.

Anonymous said...

Hey, my name is Matthew. I'm back and forth between LA and Boise right now but will be more permanent in the LA area in May/June. I have Animate Pro and all necessary equipment to do animation work here at home for now (currently how I do my other jobs out of LA).

I am proficient in DIP, clean-up, in-betweening, standard illustration techniques, Toon Boom Harmony/Animate Pro and am trained in hand-drawn 2D animation at Vancouver Film School.

My film/demo and current port can be found at

Thanks for taking a look.

Matthew Wade

John said...

Space alien and anthropomorphizing cartoon art here!

Elana Pritchard said...

Hey John, you've seen my stuff I think but here it is again. I'm in the LA area now so I can take lessons from Jim Smith

elana's blog

Nate Bear said...


Think I'd be best suited for inking and painting. The catoony style is right up my alley.


Aaron said...

Names Aaron Philby. I live it San Diego. I'm wild and crazy and yet very disciplined.

Dan Becker said...
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Colleen said...

Hi John,

I would love to work with you - I am in NYC, relocated there after two years in Singapore, originally from Michigan.

Here's a short I created in Singapore. It made all of the Americans racially queasy, but the Singaporeans loved it. The audio is real, not acted.

Website here:

Wendelyn Felix said...

Paul B said...

I inked and painted one of the sketches in this post. Would you like to see it? It was done in Toon Boom Studio.

Click here!

Hope you like it!

David Germain said...

I'm an unemployed animator in need of a job right now. Too bad I don't live anywhere near LA.

JoeyCee said...

Nice to see you have a shout out and they come running still got it...

Christopher Hodgey said...

hi John. I work as a harmony animator in Ottawa. I purchased the program during the summer and have access to it from home so if you were planning to work from an ftp at all I can assist you with animation. here's a quick link to a run cycle i designed and animated did with harmony.


Christopher Hodgey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
David said...

Hi John!

Here is a link to some old inking work I did for you on George Liquor:

George Liquor Inks by David de Rooij

And the He-hog ink I did for you:

He-hog by David de Rooij

I have a lot of time on my hands now, so plenty of time to work with you!

Yashar said...

Hey, John - got to meet you in Dallas at Reel FX and talk about UFC. Hope all is well, here's my stuff:

Background painter, maybe? Would love to help out.

Joshua said...

THere is a link to my demo reel on the first page.

I'm in SF, but could work remotely. Most of my animation is 3D and/or After Effects, but I can help out with painting or BG work.

Anonymous said...

Hi John,
I am in LA and can use any animation software you prefer. You can view my work at the link below.


B. McMillan said...

Hi John,

I would love to help out if I can. I have included my link below.

Elana Pritchard said...

hehe, active does help, sorry

elana's blog again

Serena said...

Hi John,
My name is Serena Reid. I did the ink and paint for Yoake no Mariko at Spumco.
I have a seat of Harmony at home.

Serena said...

I forgot, I live in Hollywood.

Chris Diaz said...

Just graduated last April from an animation program in Montreal. Here's my portfolio:

Demo reel:

Third year film:

I animated in Toon Boom Animate Pro 2 this summer on a short film called "Vivre en Ville."

Williaint said...

Can I get back to you in 2 months?

Williaint said...

Err To clear up that 2 months thing:
I'll have a finished (ToonBoom) Portfolio, along with other stuff.

Max said...

= )

Cowkitty said...

Heya Mr. K!

I currently live in sunny Burbank, and I'm available for any ink n' paint work (as well as background painting in any style). I'd absolutely love to help out in any way possible.

I've also animated in Toon Boom Studio 5 in the past, and I'm completely comfortable with getting up to speed quickly with a new version of the program. I can also work in Flash and Photoshop if needed.

My portfolio is available here:

Thanks a ton!

RyanKrzak said...

Darn, looks like I was a couple days late to seeing this.

Oh well, guess it wouldn't hurt to throw my portfolio up here. Looks like a really cool project.

Anthony Moscuzza said...

Hey John, I have my demo reel online and I was going to scan and post my drawings Tuesday...I just saw the post. Anyways, I do have a taste for exaggerated/raunchy/warner style drawings and cartoons. I can animate this stuff no prob. Please check out my demo reel and if you like it i'll be sure to get my drawings on there.


Aidan Casserly - Dada Hyena said...

Hi John,

Burbank-based animator/illustrator. Let me know if you're interested. Thank ya kindly!

Alborz said...

Here is some more work for your review sir ~



I do have ToonBoom experience and live in the LA area.


tsnelson said...


I would like to be considered for backgrounds.

I have posted some links at:

stay well,

Bobbo said...

Howdy John,

I reside on North Hollywood and have been in the field for a few years animating, designing characters, and inking for various studios for broadcast TV and web. I have been using TB Animate 2 for the past year so I'm able to ink, paint and animate in Toon Boom :) I'm not able to show everything due to legal obligations, but here are samples:

-Animation: (Demo Reel) (Nick commercial)

Character Designs: (ink and paint using TB)


JJ said...

Hey John,
I would LOVE the chance to work under you, and I've got a lot of ToonBoom experience. I know Digital Pro, Animate Pro, and Animate Pro 2 very well.

Here's my reel:

Here's a WIP short done in Animate Pro 2:

Here is a short film I did in Digital Pro:

And here's my blog:



eugen said...

hi john,

no pro, no harmony, no l.a.
but if you need my help, here i come to save the day!


cheerio! eugen

Kaijuju said...

I have over six years experience animating in Toonboom and would love the opportunity to push it further.

Kaijuju said...

Nachotururu said...

Hi John, this is my website:
Mister Coo
check the 'Animation' section.

In this animation i copied you a bit :P


Rocky O said...

Hiya there! If you still are looking for people, check out some links of mine:

online portfolio:

deviantart gallery:



I look forward to seeing more from this project of yers :D Fun stuff!!!


Suzie said...

I'm not cartoony but I am rad

Nitin said...

plz let me know if need any flash animator....

Mooshe said...

Hi John,

I'd be available for animating or ink and paint. Unfortunately I'm not LA based anymore, but take a look anyway!


Garrett said...

email for links to unreleased projects

tobor68 said...

hi john, long time fan and reader.

i'm a 2D guy with years in flash and toonboom.

i'm based in oakville, ontario with a pretty bitchin' home studio.

here's my portfolio: and my linkedin profile:

hope to hear from you!


tobor68 said...

hi again,

just saw your request for active links in comments. here ya go:

my portfolio
seanwickett linkedin (resume)

again, here are my points:

1. animator/drawer
2. experienced with toonboon and flash
3. like the nutty/stylish stuff
4. just got downsized from unnamed animation studio

sean wickett

Luis María Benítez said...

John, I'm not even close to LA, but I'd like to work with some background painting.

Craig Harris said...

Hey John...I think I could help with any one of these. Would love to do some super cartoony animation, or lay down some colors. I can clean up or ink as well.

Josh Pan said...

Hi John,

My name is Josh Pan.
I can Animate, Ink and Paint Backgrounds.

here is my portfolio and reel link:

Here is a link just for Backgrounds

and here are more stuff i did for others

Jason Bierut said...

Hi John,

I just go off the phone with MarcAndre from Toonboom. He mentioned that you need some Harmony training and help. I'd be willing to help. I'm quite fluent with it. I'm not available to work, but maybe we can work something out where I could help with the learning process. I am in town and currently working at Renegade animation. I just finished at Bento Box.

Here is my link

All the best,


Chris Tirri said...
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ronatie said...

Here is a link to my reel-

I know ToonBoom very well and I have some traditional animated films and my portfolio on my website:

Paul B said...

Hi John.
Why in the mouth of the character of the last photo you used for the interior a more bright and saturated color than the tounge and the skin?

I ask because it seemed strange that everyone try to create depth in that area with the colors but you did just the opposite.

Elke said...

Hi John,

I have lots of ink and paint and compositing experience, used to supervise the Paddington Bear production for ink, paint and compositing using USAnimation.

I just bought myself Animate to work at home my own animation while I'm enjoying some time off on severance pay from my corporate QA job...anyways, I love your stuff, would love to help. I also have a BFA in animation if that helps.'m in Montreal, but with the various tools of the wonderful interweb, we could work around that!


Dustin d'Arnault said...

Hi John,
We meet last year when you came to ReelFX. You drew me a Powdered Toast man!!! I would love to help out with the project.
Here is my stuff.

Let me know if you need anything!

jeaux janovsky said...

Hi John!
Too late?
I'm local in North Hollywood. :)

jeaux janovsky said...

Hi John!
Too late?
My Reel!
(Here's a link that works!)
I am local in North Hollywood!

Bujor said...

Saludos de España :

Bujor Stefanescu

Bujor said...

Saludos de España

About us said...

John, I'd be interested in some cleanup work or digital coloring if you havent already found your team:

KarmaKat said...

2 months and I am sure you have found some good artists to work with. Seeing this, I couldn't resist at least to say Hi. Here is my site:
If there's anything happening that you think I could help with, let me know! Cheers,
- Aleks