Thursday, October 19, 2006

John K. Toys - George and Jimmy

I'm a big toy collector. I have a ton of toys of cartoon characters I loved as a kid-especially the Hanna Barbera characters like The Flintstones.


I always dreamed of having toys of my own characters. When Ren and Stimpy hit it big, merchandisers swarmed on Nickelodeon begging for licences of my cute cartoon characters. They then proceeded to make the ugliest Goddamn toys I ever saw. I was shocked!


In fact most cartoon toys now are hideous, so anyway a few years ago Kevin Kolde and I decided to make our own toys so that they wouldn't look repulsive.

Here's a bunch of them for you to "oogle" as Eddie says.
I'm curious, are any of you toy collectors out there? How much do toys like this go for these days? They are about 16" tall and very huggable.Ask Shera how much George satisfies her every important need!
Jack Black and I were walking around Hollywood one day and he was carrying a Jimmy doll and girls kept running up to him, and after getting over the shock of seeing their favorite star in person then jumped all over the doll wanting to know all about him.

If you saw these buggers in comic stores, would you snap 'em up?