Monday, November 13, 2006

Kali's BirFday Party

Well Kali had her birfday party over at world famous Mike Fontanelli's house Saturday night so I thought I'd share some of the precious moments with you.
Marlo arrived with the balloons in all my favorite cartoon colors.
Kali rushed to share the pink and purple globules.
I rushed to arrange some girl on girl action.Mike asserted his host rights and squirted himself in between where you all want to be. Look how smug the swarthy bastard is.Eddie turned up and accepted a sacramental pizza tip from the Birfday girl.
Things come out of Eddie.
Eddie and Mike are suspicious of the birfday cake I brought.

They decide to test it on the official taster.Marlo survives so now Eddie dives in for an ecstacy of taste.
Now he's discovered Mike's cake and tears it apart.Contentedly gorged, Eddie now allows Kali a piece.

Now he allows the girls some frosty action.Nothing escapes Eddie's notice.The cops arrive in the nick of time and Eddie tries a valiant escape.But his guilty pelvis is caught on film.
Kali is ready to open some loot. Mr. Horse supervises.
She presents her own graven image.
Katie jumps in with her own false idols.

Kali enriches her mind with classic American literature.

In the excitement, Kali goes into labor, then delivers Mike's baby.
Marlo and I show off our own baby.
Happy Ending.