Saturday, November 25, 2006

Say Hi To Steve Worth in the hospital

Steve is sick: Kali and Marlo show how much they care for his sweet ass.

Steve is a real hero in animation today. He's the guy behind the Asifa Animation Archive.
He's building a huge library of great cartoons, comic art and illustration from the Golden Age Of cartoons and letting the public come in and look at all this cool stuff for free.

Well the poor guy is in the hospital. We saw him yesterday and he looks like he's getting better, but maybe a pile of you cartoon fans can let him know you love what he's doing and need him to come back fit and soon. Maybe you've got a cute sister for him.

Say hi on here and offer a hug or a bratwurst then go to his amazing site and say hi in his comments too!

If you hunt around his site you find some really great rare cartoon art and artists!

Here're some of my favorites, but there's tons more stuff:

I was so excited when I took this picture, I couldn't stop shaking.
Send Steve some love! He is a giant in our field and we all need him!

And you could donate to the archive too and help Steve preserve our cartoon heritage!

Or if you're in the LA area and want help with the archive, you can volunteer some time and see fantastic cartoons while you're at it!