Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Illustrator Joy Ang

Here's a discovery- a modern artist who still uses classic principles, the same ones I always talk about.
She has style on top of all the good solid stuff.


If you click any of the labels below, you can find out some of what's behind her artistic controls.


Chris said...

Nice find. I think I had seen her site before. Maybe linked from Drawn.ca? The tiger picture is definitely familiar. Not something I would have immediately thought, "Hey John K. would love this."

Some of her work reminds me a lot of James Jean's illustrations. How do you feel about his art?

kate yarberry said...

These are beautiful.

Tool said...

have you explained yet what you mean by style, exactly. i know you said design was proportions with shapes, and you said the rubber hose stuff is not stylised its pure principles.

do you mean that because its very simplistic solid forms its not stylised

or is it that solidly constructed stuff can have slight abstract little details

or merely that there there are creative, less direct simplistic ways of rendering more complex layed 'heirarchial' forms; complicating it

so would the explicit forms of the tiger be the design, and the way they are rendered would be the style, if it was done with cross hatching or a contour drawing or whatever?

you certainly make me think so thats good

Rok Andic said...

Awesome discovery! Thanks for sharing!

Rafi animates said...

interesting find John. Joy's artwork is beautiful.

Priti said...

I just thought you may want to know about
this cool tool I found.
I like it and I thought of you when I got it.

It is cool and I knew you would want to see it too.

R said...

Hey John,

I just wanted to thank you for teaching us how to make our work better. I know you must get discouraged from time to time but I want to assure you that your efforts are not in vain. Several of your recent posts have opened my eyes and have made me really think about how I can take my work to the next level.

You shook my confidence to the core but then helped me to understand how I can grow.

Thank you.

angello ///// said...


look this:



John said...

Wow those are really good yo can definitly tell she knows whats she's doing!

Sean Worsham said...

Nice little touch at the end. I hope no one takes down that pic. Thanks for making learning this so fun John.

Sean Worsham said...

I'm just astonished by all of the round lines, different proportions and shapes for each character and the color is purely harmonious. Fine fine illustrations.

Losing my head said...

I love the illustration,so naif, so beautiful !!!

Mitch K said...

I remember a couple of months ago you were talking about how everyone draws big cats the way Disney's did. Now that I've seen this gal's Tiger, and realizing how different you can draw the same creature, I finally understand what you were talking about.

CGsucks said...

Damn! Joy's got major skill. I love artists like her. The kind who don't need to use computer programs like Curious Labs Poser in order to make good art.

Anonymous said...

I found this Olive Oyl doll online today and was wondering if anyone knows when it was made.


mco said...

John K. Te saludo desde Argentina. No hablo tu idioma pero te quiero felicitar por tu trayectoria y tus creaciones. Aqui en Argentina tienes muchos fanáticos de Ren & Stimpy. Lamentamos que cuestionen ese increible cartoon y que las ediciones en DVD no tengan audio latino. Mucha suerte. mcoweb@gmail.com

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Very well done, but this artist is too tasteful for me.

Hammerson said...

Thanks for posting this... it's a wonderful discovery. Her art is truly impressive and different from the work of majority of today's professional illustrators. It even reminds me of Gustav Tenggren.

Brandon said...

I was just re-reading a bunch of your old posts and manuals on color theory, organic forms ect. ect. There is some golden stuff in there.

So although I'm glad you've introduced me to Joy Ang, I'm more impressed that you need to put all this stuff in a book!

Plus, I'm getting real sick of having to download each page individually and would much rather just buy the whole thing in one piece.

Anyone else that feels the same way, please chime in.

Pete Emslie said...

I'm going to play devil's advocate here:

Her work is lovely, but I am surprised that you're using it as an example of following the principles that you talk about, John. There is a symmetry to several of these, with the focal point being dead centre in the picture. Normally, I'd think this would be considered poor composition, though I can see that in Joy's case, her decision to do this has been quite deliberate for a specific effect.

For example, in that first painting, there is a mirror effect from left to right, with the boy and girl equally spaced on either side of the centre line, as well as the identical anteaters bookending the entire scene. Likewise, the sunbeams radiate towards the centre point, mirroring the direction of the train trestle. The other painting with the umbrellas is also composed symmetrically, though again quite deliberately by the artist.

Again, I'm not being critical of these paintings, as I understand that the absolute symmetry has been deliberately intended by the artist for a specific (perhaps spiritual) look, but I do wonder why you are using them to illustrate principles of composition when these appear to go against the general rule.

kali fontecchio said...

"Very well done, but this artist is too tasteful for me."

Nicely said, Eddie! Haha, I concur!

JohnK said...

Hi Pete

I agree about the compositions, but she sure has a lot of good stuff going.

My own compostions are pretty uninspired. But I wish I had some of her other skills!

Jim! said...

she's my age, this is really inspiring that she's as talented as she is at such a young age. she reminds me of james jean.

Ben Forbes said...

She has some great pieces of art.

One thing I don't quite understand is composition. Is it that your trying to make an interesting group shot by placing the characters a certain way?

Spencer G said...
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