Sunday, August 19, 2007

Oswald: Going To Blazes, Fire Is Funny

Fire Torture


Craig D said...

As an entertainment industry executive in training, I must pass along the following notes to you:

1. Fire is dangerous and any person who might burn down a house after watching this cartoon will leave us vulnerable, vis a vis, imitatable behvaior (Bevis v. Butthead, 1992)

2. This just plain does not make sense. Fire does not behave this way in the real world. Please make this more realistic.

3. If you must make the fire into a human-like character, then it is very important that he sing a song about "fire safety" and the importance of diversity.

I'll send along more notes after I get back from lunch at 3:30.

Please meet with the writers on these points in the mean time.

angello ///// said...

Fire is Cool!
The tickle… the best thing!


grantarctica said...

that was awesome! I like the bed!

Tool said...

i like the last part when the guy gets a mad face and the bed extends again

:: smo :: said...


Pedro Vargas said...

Hey, John! I finished the last two Bosko cycles.

You can see them here-->blog

Anonymous said...

You've made my day, Mr. K. I really liked the end of that Oswald clip and the part where the hippo climbs back up.

litlgrey said...

You know it's really time to call it quits on the whole "life" thing when your own bed turns against you.