Friday, November 23, 2007

the BG Style I'd Like To See

I would love to see the combination of Milt Gross's BG drawing style
with the painting style of Art and Monte

Look at these great colors! None of that pink purple and lime green stuff here.
Note the clever thinking of where to have strong contrast and where to have low contrast. Whatever has the strongest contrasts-like the house colors and values, draws attention to itself against the low contrasts of the grass wall and sky.

The house colors are all related too but the values are more contrasted than the relative colors. The colors all have orange-beige in them. This makes it hold together as one entity- a house.
I've been helping out a few cartoon students who have shown an apitude and eagerness to learn, like Amir and Mitch.

If anyone wants to practice and shows some aptitude for BG painting, I'll give you some tips.
Here's a simple one to practice on. Blow it up, trace it and paint it using Art's techniques. r paint one of the other Milt Gross BGs.

and below is a step by step how to paint this style: