Thursday, November 01, 2007

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Make sure you comment and let me know your favorite jokes and characters...


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NateBear said...

Pitches beyond pitches man.

Chris S. said...

You can't go wrong with the variety show concept! I'm a sucker for that sort of thing - and George as the host would be perfect. We need this show to take cartoons out of the sitcom world.

Bomb shelter wouldn't load for me, but I think "Wild Elkdom" is hilarious.

The commercials would be a highlight, of course - but how great would it be to do commercials for existing products? If a sponsor was brave enough to let you do what you wanted during the show - that would be a blast.

And although there's obviously a ton of fantastic ideas - you're guaranteed an audience for the sexy ladies alone ... perfection.

Gregg said...

Best of luck John.

The world needs good cartoons.

Raff said...

A request, sir?

Early 90s Ren & Stimpy had sort of a Monty Python thing going on with its absurdities and send-ups of common logic and order, while APC was a lot more like Benny Hill with the sex/potty/physical comedy humor.

I prefer the Monty Python approach. TV could use more artfully placed screwball-ism and surprise, don't you think?

Either way...pitch!

Emmett said...

Definitally pitch. All I can say is hopefully if it does get picked up, whatever network picks won't mess with it too much.

And definitally do some stories that revolve around Cigaretts the Cat. I really like that character.

Taber said...


You have no idea how badly we CRAVE cartoons like this one, and to what lengths we might go just to see one like this on the air.

Most of the people I know have forsaken the TV almost completely in favor of the internet and it's chiefly because there's nothing but CRAP on. Put this show up and we'll come back pushing and shoving each other with foaming mouths!

The culture of kids and adults who like John's cartoons is VAST. Of all the people I've talked to, nearly all of them LOVE R&S and are shocked that nothing else like it has been done since!

Whoever puts up this show should proudly stamp their name on it as executive producer and become the PEOPLES' CHAMPION for the funny cartoon! There would be no quicker and more effective way to endear us to the producer of a show, than to invest in one of John's.

Tony said...

I like Georges, Pablo, Cheesehead, Floppy and Martian Cats but my favorite is Ralph.
I don't like Poognats Pug, Bubba Bruin, and especially DJ Eric.

drawk said...

We need more Goddamn George Liquor program! Why oh why did spumco die? I think the character fits in great now and internet quality HD video is here in flash and silverlight. My only complaint back in the day was the slowness, I think that the slowness was hilarious but it should be combined with some speeded up moments. The slower moments would have been better (I loved the katie chicks in the GGLP). I loved Ren & stimpy more and agree with the premises that the Monty Python type compared to Archie Bunker/Benny Hill like character. But I think it fits a good niche and would have played well with the times had more been made. We need a site with high quality cartoons, JohnK gets the ad bucks pimps the dvds and we get the goods. No pitches needed control your content, the ad market that killed the early sites like what was it icebox? was it? Would have probably survived if started today.

I dig your ads as well:

Feature them on there.

indoorkid said...

Why adult primetime cartoons? Is there no room anymore for subversive children's animation? I'm not saying that you can't do both, by the way...

six1s said...

Oh this MUST get made into a show!
And on a network were noone can dick around with it!!!

six1s said...

There are kiddy cartoons on most of the day. We adults need something for US!