Thursday, November 22, 2007

This old thing

Hammerson had this and sent it to me. Thanks Hammerson and have a happy holiday folks!


boootooons ltd. said...

aww, reminds me of the goddamn george liquor days where i first learned of this, what would later become, necessary evil: flash.

looking at this, vs. the stuff copernicus is putting out? man, flash has come a long way thanks to the likes of you and annmarie, among others.

happy turkey shooting to all!

i can't wait til yak shaving day!

- trevor.

NextGen (Hector) said...

Happy Thanksgiving John! I am thankful for this awesome blog ... oh and my family too I guess. :)

nick griffith said...

that was a good piture your the best please repond

David Germain said...

What? Thanksgiving was a month and a half ago. Why are you so late with this........ oh right. The 'yanks' have a turn at it now. ;)

Happy Thanksgiving.

Sean Worsham said...

Mmm Turkey. Yum Yum Eat em up! I'm stuffed.

lastangelman said...

Ohhhhh... you turkey!

Weirdo said...

Happy Thanksgiving. May you gorge on so much turkey that you don't wake up until New Year's.

Ambassador MAGMA said...