Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Christmas Eve Theater Presents: THE COOKIE

Guest Speaker: Kali

Ah, the fresh smell of sugar cookies covered in goo.

Dumbo was given the first cookie to try. After one delicious bite he gave it to his friend, The Sad Purple Burro to taste.

The Sad Purple Burro agreed in a monotone drone,"it was good."

Then o'er yonder came that minx, Joan Octopussy!
"Give it to me," she demanded. The Sad Purple Burro complied.

Just as she nibbled her first suck, then along came Porky Pig with ravenous eyes.
"C-c-c-c-c-c-c-ould I have a p-p-piece of your coo-coo-coo-coo... could I have a bite of your baked goods?"
Joan thought about her figure, and decided she didn't need the rest of the cookie, and tossed it to Porky.

Porky came home to his cat, Sylvester and said, " now you be a g-g-g-good little pussy and I'll let you have a special treat."

Sylvester licked his lips and enjoyed his cat snack. The neighbor, Quick Draw McGraw spied the cat's sugar biscuit, and yelled to him, "let me have the rest, sugar is no good for a cat!"
Sylvester threw Quickdraw the tiny morsel.

Quickdraw found a nice high place away from everyone else, and scarfed down the last bit of the cookie. Just as he was wiping his mouth some shelve-natives approached! They saw Quickdraw eating a cookie, and the Worm King shouted, "give us the rest of your cookies or ...DIE!"
Quickdraw panicked and tried to explain to them that he had no more.

"Do you think I'm playing games here, boy?"

As the angry natives drew nearer Quickdraw whistled for his trusty horse, Sterling! Quickly they galloped away down the shelfside to safety.

Quickdraw came home to his cabin in the Christmas Tree Forest, and told his lover, Liberace all about his wild adventure. Liberace proceeded in doing a celebratory can-can dance.



Mullet said...

That wuz a gud story. Merry Chrismus John K!!

Frum yor pal,

Chris S. said...

It has everything you need for a Christmas classic - sex, violence, gay pianists doing the can-can ... take that Linus!

Merry Christmas you guys! I wanted to thank you for all the time you put into your great posts. You're entertaining, educational and you're my favorite place on the web.

Merry Christmas.

pinkboi said...

So THIS is what cartoonists do in their free time.

Peggy said...

Just what I wanted for Christmas - the mental image of Liberache sprawled out naked atop a piano, beckoning sultrily to Quickdraw McGraw. Aggh!

In return, I give you my winter solstice card for this year. Have a good '08.

lastangelman said...

My gosh, that was fun!
Happy Christmas to Everyone!

David Germain said...

Aw, that was a nice little story with a happy ending.

Merry Christmas, John!

Laura said...

ahh! That made me smile.

You guys rule!

Merry Christmas Y'alls!

Nico said...

clap clap clap clap!!

Vincent Waller said...

YAy! Another great story.

Kelly Toon said...

destined to become a cherished Christmas tradition for the whole family to enjoy, year after year after year after year.

JohnH said...

Ah, this is (inexplicably) awesome.

patchwork said...

hilarious! Have a great day!

Angela said...

I have a question to make.

Now, December 25, I have to work. Drawing a scene (at home); how do you do to concentrate?? With so many toys, books, with my cats coming around! Does any one have a recipe for that??

And John, are the animators in every part of the world obligated to produce 3 seconds p/ day?? O this is just like.. fashion in Argentina?

A slow-drawer.

Anonymous said...

What a fun story, especially with all the neat toys and tapes in your home.

Newie said...

The geekery: why is it that the good ones do the nostalga thing? with the toys and the children's Books and the Comics... why why why??
And also why,do you, John K, always with the gay issues, hmmmmmmm?,
I'm a huge fan especially now that you are doing The Warner bros stuff
I just want one manly man cartoonist just one...ha ha ha ha am to be the only one ?

I must admit, i have all the R crumb stuff....ALL OF IT

P.S again
(you gotta break down the Bugs Bunny Mask Marauder episode)

Aamer Waqas Ghaus Chaudhary said...

Really marvellous selection!
Great work!
Keep it up!

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

So that's what goes on when John's asleep!

Ross Irving said...

That was hilarious. Just how inaccurate all of the dolls are, we should make more toys like these today.

Also, I finally found a way to animate on paper! I didn't have any tables or desks with back lighting, so I got some tape and drew a few frames of animation with the sunlight helping me draw everything nice and solid. I'm so happy.

Merry Christmas John and Kali!

Taco Wiz said...

Cool! Now do one with Spumco toys! The Jimmy, the George, and some of those 90s R&S toys!

Anonymous said...

Ah, a story to warm the old cockles (I said COCKLES missus - dear oh dear) and promote happiness and gayity in this heartless cruel world that we live in.

And Liberace back from the dead? Mind you, my employers brought back Fred Astaire for a VW car advert (along with hip hop music), so anything's possible I suppose in this modern digital world. That said, I'm trying to get those advertising agencies to bring back Margaret Thatcher - that most famous cartoon character of them all - to do an advert for tampons.

Yes, I know I'm late. The computer was forbidden over the festive period and thus am a little late in catching up with all the bloggy goodness out there. Still, Christmas was good - we had that festive film that the whole family can enjoy - Pulp Fiction - showing which always warms the cockles.. ('ere we go again..)

lestatkatt said...


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