Thursday, March 27, 2008

Japan Toys are smart

Kali let me in on A secret the cartoonist girls seem to know. Japan makes the most interesting and fun toys. Here's a kind she just showed me.
They make little tiny characters with stumpy armS and legs (when they have legs)

and the key is they make tons of them, so they are collectible. Part of the fun is that they look like little funny crips.
Disney has hopped on the bandwagon too. I think it's a good idea. They are even allowing the toys to be off model.
They give them a nice Jap feel.
Kali suggested :"I think it would be keen if you made Spumco toys in the stubby small style" and I agreed.

So I'm on it.
Would you buy these if you saw them in a gum ball machine?

How about a line of stubby cartoonists?
These were also featured in a monumental post on Kali's blog.

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Hyrma took a shot at it. Pretty nice!