Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rocky 2 - what happened?

Well, I watched about 6 more episodes of Rocky and Bullwinkle and so far, it seems the really good drawings are only in the first half hour.Compare these to the post from a couple days ago.
Everything has been evened out and stiffened and just plain drawn pretty badly.

My uneducated conclusion is this: Maybe the first half hour was drawn here by top Hollywood layout guys like Pete Burness or Bill Hurtz. Maybe the first episode is the pilot that I've read about.

If these are the episodes that Jay Ward complained about snding to Mexico and coming back looking amateurish, then I understand.

I wouldn't understand it if he said that about the drawings in my last Rocky post.

BTW, I was thinking about breaking down a couple of those good drawings into their principles to show you what I think is great about them. Would that be of any use to anyone?