Sunday, August 03, 2008

Milt Gross, Funny Animals and Meanest Man plus Meat

One of Milt Gross' specialties (almost everything he does is a specialty) but he really defines "funny animals".

I'd swear Jim Tyer must be hugely influenced by Milt Gross. Look at the eyes and smiles. And of course the craziness.

Jim Tyer ComicsJim Tyer Comics

Milton Knight is a modern heir to the Gross/ Tyer school. New York cartooning. Ever see his Hugo comics? Great!

Here are some more classic Gross daily strips - starring funny humans, courtesy of Marc Deckter.

Milt Gross also draws the funniest sausages.


Stephen Worth said...

Milton Knight has a website with lots of his stuff on it...

See ya

Mitch L said...

Great funny stuff!

He must have spent allot of time being in a zoo or something. Too come up with such designs.

Are there interviews from him? Where he talks about inspiration.

HemlockMan said...

Who arrived on the scene first, Milton Gross or Billy DeBeck?

Nate said...

Can someone explain to me what the heck is going on in that Meanest Man strip?