Thursday, August 07, 2008

WB Pitch

These are silly and just for fun. Not intended to desecrate the classics. No one can improve on the original directors' work. I'm just trying to help get the classic cartoons in the public eye again. It drives me crazy that these cartoons are barely seen anymore.

for Wicks

I've always wanted to do wraparounds to classic cartoons and managed to get some interest, so here are a few quick sketches for the pitch. Of course they would be more detailed and thought out once we actually made 'em, but these are just some ideas of degrees of varying from the models to see how the execs take to the idea.

Here's some wraparounds for the 50s WB cartoons and I loved this packaging:

I want to do the same sort of thing for the 40s cartoons and draw the bumpers in a caricatured Clampett style. (Don't worry, the arms and legs wouldn't be this skinny. This is just my doodle style, not my layout style)

For Mitch L
Thanks, Mitch!

for Harmke

40s style Bugs:
Thanks, Kevin!

I would do more new HB cartoons in this style though. My theory is that the HB cartoons had great raw material, but because of time, money and conservatism never took full advantage of what they had.


kevin said...

I tried to throw down some inks on the fred n' george one: here

Gabriele_Gabba said...

Oh man, these are killer poses! Wow the idea of a biker version/show of Freddy and George.. gives me the goosebumps! But alas they'd probably make it like those emo warner brothers remakes or one of those weird cross overs.. oh dear!

One's gotta wonder what daffy's expression in the Wicks one is all about.. i mean does he really enjoy angry Fud that much?? Hehehe

It seems the original warner brother characters have been sidelined a lot these days, its good to see you whip 'em out!

Nico said...

holy crap, is this stuff for real? Are these pitches for actual John K-made WB or HB projects?


Aaron Paetz said...

For ME?

Frank Macchia said...

nice john

these are for a pitch??

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Hilarious! Fred and George bickering backstage ought to be framed in a frame with gold grapes and cupids!

kate yarberry said...

Hahaha I can identify with the last drawing sometimes.

trevor said...

Howy Cow!

Wooks wike Cwampett! Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh.

Tthhay, doth thith mean tththat the double-yah bee ith gonna let uth put on our old skinth from the fortieth?

Meeh, I dunno, Doc, because these skins look like they're cut from new cloth. But they sure feel classic, don't they?

- trevor.

Taco Wiz said...

Pitching a new Looney Tunes remake? Cool! I hope it's accepted, although you'll probably be too busy with the Spumco book, the toys, and the new George Liquor cartoon.

Sven Hoek said...

I love the way John draws Fred and George.

That Jetson's remake was awesome. And don't get me started on the Yogi stuff, that was pure genius.

Weirdo said...

Awesome drawings. I would love to see this happen. I would also love to see how you would do wraparounds for Popeye. I'm giddy with anticipation.

Caleb Bowen said...

That would be so cool to watch classic WB cartoons with John K. wraparounds. The behind the scenes stuff spoofing all of the modern reality shows would be very funny.

Mitch L said...

Hee John,

Here is the ink.
Do you have any feedback?

oppo said...

I always wondered what a John K Bugs Bunny cartoon would look like.

limaCAT said...

John, probably you should see this:

A videogame art director gets rebuked by the game series fan on his "choice" of colours (the action-toy green and the playful wizard tower are his choices...), then he goes on defending his choices by replying to the fans on the MTV article. (By the way: a more realistic kind of lighting - even if faked by programming tricks - was already feasible 3/4 years ago, contrarily to what is stated in the article).

I would like to know your opinion on this :). Thanks.

perspex said...

oh boy if those were ever accepted- i would think they'd be all over your stuff, and i'm surprised you were never invited to do any stuff for WB. wasn't their stuff always super- out in left field? you'd be a perfect fit.

Timefishblue said...

Homina homina! This is exciting!

Jim Rockford said...

I wonder what the Flintstone-Jetson beef is over.
Maybe the caveman in Fred caused him to forget himself and make a lude comment on Jane or Judy!

Fred looks like he's pretty steamed and ready to blow so Jetson should back off!

All that push button future living has made him soft and Fred will pulverize him.......unless George uses his Spacely Sprocket pocket caveman disintegrator of course!

Mike Matei said...

Chuck Jones is rolling in his grave.

Ukulele Moon said...

Looney Tunes by John K.?!

You mean there's a chance I can actually love and admire a modern incarnation of these characters?!!!

Fingers are crossed.

The Butcher said...

George Jetson should watch his step. Fred could kick his ass for sure.

flashcartoons said...

these are really awesome and awesome if it happens!

PCUnfunny said...

Great drawings Mistah K. You always know how to charicature cartoons. Do you plan on making flash bumpers on the Looney Tunes site ?

Mike: Can we see your wonderful drawings of Bugs and the gang ?

Tim said...

Worse yet, Bob Clampett is rolling in his grave!

crazyharmke said...

Hey John,

I inked the drawing, here it is. Comments/tips are welcome :).


kevin said...

I laid some colors down on fred and george: here. Just a start - it needs some work still.

trevor said...

Chuck Jones is rolling in his grave.

Actually, Mike ( or should I refer to you by your species a la Maltese and Jones style latin: Wrongius Douchious ), I'm sure that if Chuck were aware of things going on with the WB characters after his death, the last person he'd get upset about re-interpreting his characters is John.

He truly disliked what Warners did a la Tiny Toons and Space Jam ( much like any fan would ) and I know he thought very highly of John and his abilities.

I know all of this to be true because Chuck told me himself.

Be an uninformed barbiturate somewhere else, Mac.

- trevor.

JohnK said...

I agree that Chuck would roll in his grave.

But I wouldn't desecrate the classics. I would just do funny wraparounds, not try to make new shorts.

No one can live up to what Chuck and them did in the 40s and 50s.

I just wanna see these cartoons back and popular with modern audiences.

Matthew Hunter said...

Wow, thanks for responding to my Misce-Looneyous post, John! I appreciate that. So your idea is just "wrap-arounds" then? Well, if it gets the classics back on TV in some form, I guess I can't bee too critical. A new "Bugs Bunny Show" would be a great thing. Just...please...don't do what you did to Yogi!

Hryma said...

Very cool, boy I'd love to see WB like that! I'm intrigued:)

JohnK said...

Thanks Matthew

I love all those cartoons and have more respect for them than HB seemed to have for their own characters in the 70s and 80s.

But in WB's case, those are the best cartoons ever made and can't be improved upon.

What I want to do repackage the 50s cartoons with the original bumpers that Jones, Freleng and McKimson did (which were certainly different than the actual cartons in tone and style), but create another Bugs Bunny show to package the 40s wilder cartoons and draw the bumpers in a silly caricatured Clampett style. I would be more careful than these 30 second drawings I posted here, for sure.

I used to do crazy drawings the the WB characters for Clampett and he loved them. I know Chuck would hate 'em and I wouldn't blame him.

I have nothing but the greatest admiration for the old cartoons and want to see them popular again.

trevor said...

I dunno, John.

Chuck spoke very highly of you, in the single time I spoke with him, and he felt that you were doing the best job of bringing back cartoons in their purest form. "That's why cartoon execs don't like him," he said, "because Steven Spielberg wants to be the one to do it, but he doesn't know enough about cartoons. He just has enough money".

Obviously, this isn't a direct quote, I'm paraphrasing, but it was definitely how he felt.

I also know he was bitter about his relationship with Warners because he was very open about the desecration of the characters in SPACE JAM at a studio dinner, and they actually escorted him off the lot.

If bringing back interest in the classic cartoons is truly your intention ( which anyone who's paid any amount of attention to your career can see ), then I can't see why Chuck would be anything but proud. He might say something about Bugs' arms being too skinny, but I doubt it.


- trevor.

Mr. Semaj said...

I just wanna see these cartoons back and popular with modern audiences.

Don't we all, man? (sigh)

And that's a sad story about Chuck Jones. That could be why no additional theatrical shorts were made thru his studio past 1997, despite the long-term contract he signed around the time.

Ukulele Moon said...

Reading the back & forth w/ you and Matthew and his irrational & misguided fears (my opinion) of you desecrating HB & WB ... as if they haven't done that themselves already. If anything, you'd bring 'em back to their smart and experimental roots.

Do you think anything recent comes close to the pure perfection that is the classic WB's? The more I see the more I believe that those heights can never be reached again. It's frustrating!!!

Did you see the Pixar short "Presto" before Wall-E? You can buy it for a couple bucks on iTunes. I'd love your thoughts on it, professor.

ChrisL said...

The wraparound repackage idea is great, and those old shorts should have a bigger audience than they get nowadays (hell, I'm only 21 and even I remember Loony Tunes on television). But man, when I think about what John could do with those old characters, it makes me wish we really were getting all new shorts. Its like, WB wants to use the faces of the characters, but doesn't want any of the risky emotions or story ideas that the original shorts had. No executive would allow The Great Piggybank Robbery or Whats Opera Doc? to made today.

Wicks for Candlesticks said...

Hi John,

Here's my part of the pitch inks.


Let me know of any corrections I can do. You can email me at davidomardesigns@gmail and I'll fix/send the ILLUSTRATOR file.

Thanks again,
David O.

PCUnfunny said...

Semaj: Acording to THE ANIMATED MOVIE GUIDE by Jerry Beck, SPACE JAM did not do as well as Ted Turner hoped so he cancelled production of all future shorts.

:: smo :: said...

HOLY CRAP!!! JOHN!!! that bugs construction post is amazing! i totally missed it too! that's why i love this blog! i had ripped some scenes of daffy from the great piggy bank robbery and i was trying to deconstruct it and write the x sheets and breakdowns for it and all. i love exercises like this! thanks so much for posting!!!

Whit said...

That cinematic genius, Ivan Reitman, in charge of "Space Jam" said at the time of its production, "We're not doin' any of that Chuck Jones crap!"

trevor said...

Ted Turner and Ivan Reitman are both cut from the same cloth: rich people who think they know better because all they ever hear from anyone is 'Yes sir".

- trevor.

Matthew Hunter said...

"That cinematic genius, Ivan Reitman, in charge of "Space Jam" said at the time of its production, "We're not doin' any of that Chuck Jones crap!""

That would explain why that movie wasn't near as good as it could've been. The best thing to be said for "Space Jam" is that it boosted the popularity of Looney Tunes again for a while. It wasn't the worst thing Warner Bros. has ever done to Looney Tunes, but it wasn't great. Too bad "Back in Action", a much better movie, flopped.

CartoonSteve said...

I say mix and match - caricatured HB and LT characters interact as they wraparound cartoons. Have them all reminiscing in a cartoon star retirement home - or encounter each other on a vacation cruise - or a "trade a spouse" parody.

If the corporate suits frown on the idea, just bypass them and do a show around some of the great classics now in public domain.

A cartoon Uncle Eddie would be a great guest host!

Wicks for Candlesticks said...

Hi John,

I went back to the WB image and changed it.

Let me know if you want more changes, and thanks again for the tips.

WB INKS part 2

-David O.

PCUnfunny said...

I found "Back in Action" barely an improvement but it had better animation. Space Jam was just a commerical starring Micheal Jordan, it never had potential.

Daryl T said...

Dear John K,

I am an animation student researching for my dissertation about the late great 2D animation renaissance and would like to ask you a few questions.

1. What was the industry like to work in before NickToons?
2. Ren and Stimpy was incredibly different, a manic offshoot of Looney Tunes one might say, where in your mind did that come from?
3. How did you feel when you got kicked off of Ren and Stimpy?
4. How do you feel about hand-drawn animation?
5. What do you think of the industry now?
6. What do you hope for the future of the industry?

Thankyou so much.

Best Regards,

Daryl-Rhys Taylor

PCUnfunny said...

I would also love to see Looney Tunes commericals with those great jingles like "ABC-deliciously" or "Tang ! It's Tangirific".