Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Eisenberg Principles - Tom and Jerry Cover Art

Speaking of high standards... Here's more art that the average Joe wouldn't think was easy to do.

This guy could sure draw. These old Eisenberg comics are great to study good principles from.
You can see his style change over the years - getting simpler and more angular - like animated cartoons did from the 40s to the 50s.
But his basics remain the same despite the superficial stylistic changes.
Everything is well constructed and clearly staged - using negative spaces, line of action and all the rest of the useful stuff.

These have it all!


Mel Crawford cover - another guy with a unique style, but all the basics underneath.


Kali Fontecchio said...

I own that Mel Crawford one at the bottom- it's great!

Niki said...

These are really pretty

Geneva said...

I love these! I am totally going to study one or two of these as soon as I get the chance.

David R said...

This is probably going to be a silly question, but what is the medium that Mel Crawford and other guys working at that time used to create that distinctive look? What paint did they use? I can't quite describe it, but it definitely has an older quality to it that would be fun to try and capture. My son has a Richard Scarry book from the early part of his career, before he switched to ink.

Shawn said...

Gweat stuff! Gweat stuff!

John said...

Had a go at a couple of these John, if you wanna take a look?

Oliver said...

Thought you might appreciate this mock up intro for a hypothetical, kid-friendly cartoon based on 'watchmen.' How many Saturday morning cartoon parodies can you count?


Fabio Vianna said...

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Pete Emslie said...

David R: The type of paint favoured by many illustrators including Mel Crawford was gouache, which is like an opaque variation of watercolour. I've always used it myself for the warmth you can achieve in the colours and the simple, yet effective way of adding simple tones with drybrush edges. This is a technique that all of the cartoon book illustrators loved to use back then.

HemlockMan said...

The more of these great old comic book covers you show, the more depressed I become. Really...those were the days.

Coyote Cereal said...

i would love to see a spumco style tom and jerry. i always like the early hanna barbera ones better than the chuck jones ones.

kramer said...

wow...great post!

David R said...

Yeah, the Jones ones are terrible. He readily admits he didn't understand the characters.

lost_Astronaut said...

Another exercise from these pictures: http://sizafitz.blogspot.com/2009/04/construction-3.html

Stephen Treadwell said...

I disagree w/ David R; the Chuck Jones T&J's are not terrible. They're very enjoyable, much better than Road Runner or Tweety and Sylvester, & it's a tossup for me which is better; them or the original T&J.