Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Where Rex Gets It From

Where does Rex get his striking talent from?
Was it just a miracle from above?
Don't you love the chix he draws?
What is the general opinion on gaps between some girls' thighs?: "open windows". Do only cartoonists dwell on that? Peekaboo Puckers.

Well Rex is not a miracle from Jesus. It's the simple science of genetics! Probably a eugenic experiment gone haywire actually.
Here's some of Reinhard Hackelberg's cartoon studies from when he was a young man intent on becoming the Führer's own personal Walt Disney.
Look at the discipline of the man! He comes from hardier stock than our modern young cartoonists.
He was doing these comic covers long before I started suggesting it as a decadent capitalistic exercise.
Grids and the whole nine yards! This man wants to get it right, and will give his life for perfect construction - as should we all.
You'll be happy to know (as I am) that Papa Hackelberg still lectures his kid about discipline and how to make cartoons right. Isn't that what Dads are for? And to watch Foghorn Leghorn with.
Rex' Dad made him watch "The Phantom Tollbooth" with him the other night. "Sit down, son und maybe you'll learn zomezing!" After it was over he said: "Achtung! Haben Chucken Jones made dot schtinker ven he vuss a younger virile man, it vould heff ruined his career!! Vass he ein dekadunt Homozexual?""

Whoa, I've heard that he did this Bambi freehand, without even constructing it first! That's how a man draws a cute helpless animal of the forest before he blasts it into oblivion.

Damn, it looks like he is selling out to fine art and dentists' waiting rooms. What has the West done to his values?

Seriously, let's all commend Herr Hackelberg for his own talent and for bringing a young genius into the world! And for trying to grind some discipline into the easy living Western youth.

Reinhard today is a retired automotive engineer living comfortably in Toronto, Canada shaking his hard head at his young lad.


Anonymous said...

I actually smoked dope with Ole Papa Hackelberg and Reg Hartt in Toronto once. It's legal here, you know. Afterwards we split a 24 of Molson Stock Ale, and then finished off with Labatt Crystal for dessert.

Chloe Cumming said...

If a girl has a gap between her thighs like that, she ain't healthy.

I'm for absurdly wobbly bloated overlapping thighs that chafe unabashedly against one another.

Chloe Cumming said...

Also, I am a helpless drooling fangirl for Rex, and possibly also his Dad.

Nico said...

....There's something very not-John about the writing in this post. Kali, is that you again?

Tom said...

I'm sure you know but that Jones still is from "Rikki Tikki Tavi" rather than "The Phantom Tollbooth", which is equally gay but "Tollbooth" is hand inked.

glamaFez said...

>What is the general opinion on >gaps between some girls' thighs?

It works for me.

Ahahnah said...

Those are good drawings. He sure can draw girls. I think all people interested in women dwell on the gaps between the thighs. The colors in the aquatic picture really pop out.

The use of German was a hilarious. I read somewhere that Chuck Jones pictures were boring when he was young because he didn't understand comic timing.

JohnK said...

>>I'm sure you know but that Jones still is from "Rikki Tikki Tavi" rather than "The Phantom Tollbooth", <<

Sorry, I found it on Google search under Phantom Tollbooth.

They're pretty much the same style aren't they?

Nayantara said...

Cats (or dogs) with bandanas tied around their necks are ok only if they've done the tieing themselves. That cat has definitely tied his own bandana!

Cotton Gin said...

I could not even read this. I am too drunk.

Anonymous said...

You gotta have enough room for the babies to pop out!

David Nethery said...

"that Jones still is from "Rikki Tikki Tavi" rather than "The Phantom Tollbooth", which is equally gay but "Tollbooth" is hand inked."

Tollbooth is not hand-inked. It's Xeroxed Cels.

Trevor Thompson said...

Dads are awesome, Rex's is no exception. :)

The irony here is that I was storyboarding a girl yesterday and she was standing straight up facing front. I drew a straight line to indicate both legs and the girl next to me ( one too skinny I might add ) said she needs a space inbetween there.

I said exactly what Chloe did: it may be popular to be sickly in appearance, but if there's a space that noticable 'tween the thighs she's not eating enough.

- trevor.

Whit said...

Someone has put the entire "Phantom Tollbooth" up on You Tube. There is no need for a DVD release.

lastangelman said...

I think the point John K is trying to make about Chuck Jones is that Jones' ultra-cutesy style of drawing and animating reared it's head again, in the mid-nineteen sixties onwards. Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Pepe LePew, Tom and Jerry, etc. drawn by Chuck became ultra effeminate, especially those eyes with long lashes. Cute is good, but not to the point where almost every character is effeminate, such as in The Phantom Tollbooth. Sheesh, the Humbug is practically Wile E. Coyote in a lame disguise.

Whitney Pollett said...

Im this artist a kid or a dad?
Are these old or new?
Who is this Rex fellow anyway!!??
OH! And ladies leggy gaps should be small with just a small triangle of light peeking through.

Rick Roberts said...

I was actually talking about this period of Jones' life on Spumboard. What it camed down to was Chuck Jones' desire to be Disney. He wanted to have his status and his appeal. In the 1930's Jones he attempted to imitate Disney with his boring Sniffles cartoons then he realized he wasn't going to get anywhere by doing that stuff so he tried, and suceeded, in being funny. Then from the 1950's all the way to the end of his career he once again trying to be Disney except that he put himself in his pictures. Everyone became Chuck Jones in Chuck Jones films, everyone had the same smug look and facial expressions. That was his downfall because he stopped looking at life for inspriation and was just looking in himself. Sure, you got to put yourself in your work but then there is adjusting everything to fit your own ego.

John A said...

I gotta agree with Whitney Pollet. A small triangle of light. I like a girl with healthy thighs. A girl should not be so thin that her butt cheeks don't meet.

Kali Fontecchio said...

Hey Whitney!!

Rex drew the funny drawings at the top- the rest are by his dad! Rex is a cool cartoonist guy from "Canada."

And I agree Whitney, most girls have at least a tiny isosceles triangle there (plus yer the life drawing expert).

patrick said...

That explains how Rex is the Tiger Woods of cartooning!

Gabriele_Gabba said...

Your German is hilarious John, it ought to be animated :D

Whitney Pollett said...

Dude, Rex wrote to me today on ichat.

That guy is flippin' awesome.

David Germain said...

Back in animation school, one of our teachers referred to that gap between the woman's legs as the "three finger rule" inthat there's enough space for three fingers to fit snuggly inbetween. He also mentioned that it's mostly guys who draw that gap on women. Whenever women draw women, the tendency is to draw the thighs locked tight leaving absolutely NO room for any fingers.
However, truth be known, gap or no gap, either one can be right, depending on the female you're drawing. As an artist, you just have to be observant and do what the drawing calls for.

Emily said...

gappy legs are freaky and boyish! how about a little cartoon love for the curvy girls, huh?!