Wednesday, June 10, 2009

From Layout Poses To Animation - I'm outta here Jack

Thanks to Ted, I can show you the kind of drawings we send animators. We draw the basic poses, and sometimes I go in and add some acting poses to go with the dialogue. I write timing notes on the odd layout if I have a certain idea I want.

And if we are lucky we get a good animator like Kelly who plusses the scene when she animates it.


:: smo :: said...

do you chart out these scenes too? you've basically keyed this out! usually i'm just handed a board [if that] with half the action "up to me" and it sort of mucks up the planning.

i've never worked with charts on a job...or any planning this solid. do you think you could post a short charted scene sometime for us to practice with?

or is that asking too much? ha!

this is a great post though thanks!

Jay_fever said...

Greay stuff

HemlockMan said...

That series of expressions is hilarious. Especially since I've seen the toon to which they were applied. Those Ren faces are priceless, from the height of ecstasy to the sudden realization of Stimpy's mortality.

Sven Hoek said...

Yes, multiple emotions, that's what's missing in most cartoons these days. Clear ones too, you could tell when Ren was in anguish or rapture. I havent seen anyone else try to animate exhausted desperation into blood curdling rage all within the same scene. Such great acting.

Cartoons have been so bland and expressionless since they kicked John out. It's painful to watch some of the new cartoons.

I just saw Up and the 3D was fantastic, good thing too, cause the cartoon was awful. Doesnt anybody care about making fun and funny cartoons anymore!?! Sorry, except John K.

Hryma said...

Jeez that's a good looking Ren!
Takes me back to when I used to pause and skip through the frames, picking out the shots I liked the best and sketchin' them.

Made me want to be an animator.

Trevor Thompson said...


This is Scene 59, presumably when it cuts to Stimpy waving back that's Scene 60, and then it cuts back to the original shot of Ren saying 'Jack!"

Is that still Scene 59 because it's the same setup, or is it now Scene 61?

I never understood how cartoons number scenes. Is it really as simple as each separate 'cut' is the beginning of a new scene, or do scenes refer to setups?

- trevor.

Vincent Waller said...

Trevor it would be labeled the next chronological Scene number but flagged as a workout of scene.
Generally the exterior of the folder would have a list all the scene numbers of the other scenes that work out of the original scene, and likewise listed on all the corresponding folders.

Trevor Thompson said...

Thanks Vince!

Doctor Jones said...

I can understand what Sven Hoek's saying in his last comment, but I don't agree.

I think it's fair to say there are different kinds of styles out there for story telling and letting an audience feel for a character.

Comparing UP to anything Spumko has produced sounds too much like comparing apples to oranges.

Ren and Stimpy are funny, gross and off the wall characters. As loved as they are, I don't feel they could carry an hour and a half long movie with the underlined subtext of "aging" and "letting go". At least not in the same way.

If we're talking about feeling a characters emotion, hell ya, I felt for that old guy. There was subtle acting in there that you won't get from R and S.
But I wouldn't expect that.

I just want Ren to smack Stimpy so I can laugh.

Jonathan Harris said...

There's subtle acting in R&S, Doctor Jones. Haven't you seen Stimpy's First Fart? Check out these models from it.

Stimpy barely moves for 6 whole pages! And Ren for 4 1/2 of those. Some of the best acting I've ever seen in animation.

Rick Roberts said...

I think an R&S movie would work with them playing roles in the vein of ROYAL CANADIAN KILTED YAKSMEN, or a drama like STIMPY'S FIRST FART.

By the way John, I always consider those the "epics" of Ren and Stimpy. Just like SPACE MADNESS was dubbed a "physco-drama".