Friday, June 26, 2009

Mighty Mouse Toy

Look at the care that went into this classic toy! So many different cartoon materials!They must have had lots of meetings to decide whether to give him eyebrows or not. Or which sides of his eyes get eyelashes, since eyelashes were rationed during the war.
Nice 2 -toned cape.
Mighty Mouse was a caged circus animal. With a fully developed package.

Thanks to Mike F. for this jolly discovery!

Hey if you get a chance, test out the new search engine at the right side of my blog: "Ligit"
Tell me what you like or don't like about it. It searches all my blogs, not just this one.


Ian M said...

He's got such dead eyes. It's kind of creepy, until I remember that almost EVERY toy I had as a child had these giant, lifeless eyes.

famulous said...

The search is great, John. Thanks!

Sean Lane said...

Argh, I want a New Adventures of Mighty Mouse DVD release!

Geneva said...

I love the Mighty Mouse, with all of his eyelashes on one side!

Anyway, mostly commenting to say that I approve of the search function. Very useful!

Anonymous said...

I like the search engine. Way better than the blogger search at the top.

Gotta say I don't like how 'family guy' is the biggest keyword over there. But at least it takes you to something wholesome.

Pilsner Panther said...

The floppy ears are really strange... they make him look more like Mighty Bat!

I'm glad to see that the same amount of "careful thought and craftsmanship" went into Terrytoons-based toys as went into the cartoons themselves.

Which was the worst and most cheap-ass of all the old-time cartoon studios, Terry or Lantz? At least Lantz had Tex Avery and Dick Lundy directing for a while.

I have yet to see one decent Terrytoon, except for a few from the Gene Deitch era: the usual shoestring budgets were still in effect, but at least the scripts and the voices and the character designs were funny.

I wasn't around in the 40's and 50's, so I can only I can only imagine the collective groan that must have gone up from theater audiences when the Terrytoons logo flashed on the screen.