Friday, June 12, 2009

Patrick Wants You To See The Product Of His Labors

I'm very flattered when folks are inspired to take my sketches and polish them up. Nice job, Patrick! Very otherworldly. To think that all this alien activity takes place in our eyelashes every second of every day.


David C. Matthews said...

If these are what's living in our eyelashes, then... what's living in theirs??

This pic is a little creepy for my taste, but great work nonetheless.

gracesix said...

Maybe this is the girl in me speaking, but if I had dust mites living in my eyelashes, I'd be pretty grossed out! All and all, he did a very nice job.

David Gale said...

Great job! So many wondrous anatomical atrocities.

HemlockMan said...

I figured that it would be featured in the sequel to the funniest cartoon that I have ever seen:


M Shraga said...

funny drawings.

the colors are a little too dirty.

Anonymous said...

John, on the subject of cartoon pitches, have you ever tried pitching George Liquor or any other projects to Frederator Studios? They're a pretty good Burbank animation company, and I've even seen some of Vincent Waller's cartoons on there.

Shawn Dickinson said...

I'd buy THIS on a T-shirt!!!! That's fer damn sure!

patrick said...

Wow, thanks John, I'm honored! I'm still fairly new to inking etc. but I've learned just about all I know from your blog, which I am eternally grateful for.

Caleb said...

Nice work, Patrick.

Anonymous said...

This isn't really anything to do with the post but I was wondering if you could help me out.

I'm currently working my way through the Preston Blair book and right now I'm studying the "cute character" baby structure stuff. Since it doesn't go into a lot of detail in the book about this structure (especially on human characters) I decided to seek out and copy some other examples of baby structure, mainly human stuff like Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Wart, Elmer, Sody, Red Hot Riding Hood and some Freddie Moore drawings.

I understand the cranium is basically a circle or egg but what I'm having trouble with is placing the jaw, and trying to get all the features (eyes, nose, ears mouth etc.) to line up and sit on the face properly according to what the jaw is doing. This is especially difficult on characters with slightly more realistic anatomy (Pan, Sody and Wart).

Any advice you could offer on tackling any of this stuff would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Oscar Baechler said...

Speaking of people taking from better influences rather than worse influences, check out Gobelins taking a page out of your book. Quality stuff imitating quality stuff!’-films-at-annecy-animation-festival-12th-june/

Johnny said...

Hey John,

I wanted to hire you for some t-shirt graphics for my brand, Johnny Cupcakes. Growing up I've watched Ren + Stimpy like a mad man.

I am based in Boston, but I do have a shop in Los Angeles on 7959 Melrose Ave if you want to stop by to get a feel of my brand. Or you can check out

Whenever you get a sec, drop me an e-mail:

Thank you John! And keep up the great work!

Johnny Earle
Johnny Cupcakes

Taco Wiz said...

The Blen and Kubercheebie drawing, at least to my thirteen year old mind, is an ARTISTIC TRIUMPH. It shows how no matter how many eyes and scales you add, the essence of a really powerful character can remain. Even my little sister who watches iCarly and Hannah Montana could tell it was Ren and Stimpy. Copyright law cannot stop you from putting these two in a cartoon.

You sir, are the greatest cartoonist who ever lived.