Friday, January 01, 2010

Heartaches Pilot 3 - The Ultimate Sacrifice

What was once a room overflowing with color and joy, now turns blue and gloomy.
The Curly Fuzz Poodle yanks his ancient cord.
CFP: Well, there's only one thing to do. I can't let Roxy get the Scabies."
He reaches offstage and pulls in a writing pad.
He starts to scrawl out a heart wrenching farewell note to his beloved master.
Dear Dear Roxy,

your mother is right. I'm a no-good dirty old worthless piece of fluff. She has decided to toss me out with the trash so I won't give you the scabies so I thought I'd save her the trouble.

Don't forget to wash the pillow that I've stained with my dust and stitches.

your dirty old piece of crap
He sniffles and bursts into musty sobs as he scribbles his swan song.
One last look and he signs the letter with the seal of terrible tears.
He looks at the camera and then turns and walks away.
With quivering paws, he slides open the bedroom window.
The autumn leaves sail in to fill the sickening void about to be created by Roxy's most cherished companion.

One last look at the room that filled 2 hearts with so much love and security
and out he tosses himself into the cold forbidding world.
a couple of spins and
down he plummets into the trash where he belongs
filth at last joins filth

An omen of great evil and heartache to come
The scraggly Owl of misery guards the now homeless children's plaything that a stunted child might finally be free to find maturity and dead-seriousness in her long walk of life

To be continued


lovetta said...

That's the layout form or storyboard form. Can you tell me the difference between the two stages. Im planing animation series of my own. Also did you see that flash I recommended.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful drawings!

The Butcher said...

I remember first watching Stimpy write his farwell letter in The Littlest Giant. I almost cried, but my dad was around so I couldn't.

Anonymous said...

in the cartoon i will make theres also an owl it looks really close too this hope people think i didnt ripped-off :P great job!

Gabriele_Gabba said...

John, these drawings are GrreAT!

The expressions, beautiful layouts and i'm seeing a lot of those things that 'cartoons do best' here.

I take it you're working on both episodes at the same time? (This one and the one with Donald Bastard)

Anywho, have a great and prosperous New Year!

Aaron Clark said...

Hi John, I have a small request.

I would like to know what cartoons I should draw from, based on what I have to show you. I know it's vague, but anything would be helpful. Even a slight suggestion, if you have the time.

I have my blog here:

Noel said...

The whole jumping out the window series is nice (the leaves blowing in are nice). Your drawings are now more animated (sequential), that's the difference i'm noticing; they animate on the paper. Also (no offense) there seems to be a dark subliminal perversion to your stories....(i might be wrong),to me, this brings you over to the more interesting side of things. John K Sensei, bow to the Sensei....lower.

Toncho said...

Mr. John K. I know I often tend to ass-kiss, but these drawings are just freaking worth it! Very inspirational, please keep it up for the sake of us young padawans.

I just love those drawings, it's like they're meant to be there, and it comes naturally to you (of course that takes a zillion years of practice, but it's still amazing!). Awesome job Mr. K and happy new year!

RooniMan said...

Such a brave toy.

Amanda H. said...

There's been kind of a gap in my studies but I finished the rest.

SoleilSmile said...

Mr. Curly Fleece Poodle...jump in the washer not the trash can!

ThomasHjorthaab said...

haha that owl is awesome!
I love owls!!!

Friebus said...

I've been a lurker of this blog for a long time, but never had anything to add worth commenting. Anyways...

My 4 year old comes in and looks at the screen and goes 'oohh, what's that?'. I told him it was some drawings for a cartoon that hasn't been animated yet. 'What's it about?' So I slowly scrolled through the drawings and told him the story in very simplified terms (doggy is writing a note, is sad, is diving into the trash, etc.). My boy got it. Totally. And he was glued to the screen. I think that says it all about John's skill.

Well, that and when my boy asks to watch a movie, typically that means he wants to watch the DVD of the 1st & 2nd season of Ren & Stimpy. Not Pixar, not (unfortunately) Looney Tunes, but good ol' John K stuff!! Wish there was more like it on TV.

John said...

This reminds me of Stimpy's First Fart - sad, but also really, really funny at the same time. This is good. And yep, I'm still doin' them layouts!

JohnK said...

Thanks John

it gets sadder, but I don't kill any Moms or anything.

Noel said...

Hey John Why did you need scene 9?
It seems 8 goes to 10 and then you pan down for the trash when he falls 9 seems like a pause in the action.