Sunday, January 03, 2010


Murphy sent me this picture. I'd love to see the article!

Thanks Murphy


Elana Pritchard said...

What an odd drawing

AtomicTiki said...

To a modern day mook like myself that cover seems impossible!

Where's all the visual noise?

HemlockMan said...

Wow. Rocky the Squirrel! What year is that??!!

RooniMan said...

Yep. Those we're the days...

Trevor Thompson said...

So did you win a 'Draw Rocky' contest when you were a kid, John?

Pokey said...

1959. What else?

[Interesting sidebar: While June Foray's the stnadard female voice for producer Jay Ward, predecessor Crusader Rabbit was not voiced by her but in a) then current post-Ward TV Spots color version by the morte obscure voice actress on both animation & radio GeGe Pearson [related to fellow radio star Drew pearson?] and before by Lucille Bliss [who joined Foray in voicing one of the bland shows, a comic adapation that the blogmaster himself worked on, Smurfs] and that b) Jay Ward heydey frog Hoppity Hooper who also lacked a Daws Butler [or for boyish results Walt Tetley] perfomance also didn't have June but Christina Allen, also the voice of other females. Yet June's always there otherwise. That picture may have been as a advertisement and showing off model stuff, much like the Flinstones book that had Dino ["Hanna Barber's FLINTSTONE] and a caveson by Golden Books in 1960 was off-model.

Pokey said...

If you have Jerry Beck & Will Friedwald's 1989 "Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies", take a look at the Sergio Aragones like marginals showing off model ads for Warner Bros.cartoons. Like "A Hick, A Slick and a Chick" [about the three mouse, a Popeye/Goofy/Country and City mouse hybrid], the one Art Davis directed with the "It IS 2706" address bit, where the marginal art of the country boy hero shows himselof rather different than the Art Davis 1948 short has him [but frankly, that cartoon's pretty strangerly designed and a lot of off model stuff is in this, and come to think OF it, a ,lot of Davis shorts.] There's a Hubie and Bertie ad in the marginal of the Beck and Freidwalf Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies ad for "House Hunting Mice' [1947] when it's time for Jerry and Will to have that entry.

It's interesting to see off model stuff based on it at rare times. even more funnier when stuff that's crappy to begin with, like that animation from hell, My Little [yechhy] Pony in a badly designed jigsaw puzzle, or was it a bed quilt for the future blandess police, which I saw in one of the late, lamented May Co. stores toy dept's., It made the young teenage girl "Megan", kind of an oddity in those preschool girls [in addition to which the strange remix of this saccharine-sweet greeting card stuff and Dungeons and Dragons is right there with previous decades's Partridge/Jetsons mix at HB. In that a little girl version of "Megan", who was a teenager plopped in the usual cutesy doll ohase, despite the [kind of] sparing of baby-izing of the My Crappy Ponies, instead of the teenage farmgirl she was. But then as those of us who evem bothered critizing this stuff noted about Strabberry S**tcake, the from bad to worse syndrome happens to cartoons. Just as classics [Yogi, Pooh,etc./] have been ingloriously bastardized I've heard that it WAS NOT the merchandiser or book publishers or such but the studios.

Pokey said...

THAT is why you'd get Dell Comics or Little Golden Books stuff with off model, and additional charatcers, like that Fred Jr., or the Roadrunner family. And the new tradition of these birds talking [carried to DFE's already copied Warners made, Cool Cat, the first of the era's new generation].

Frankly though, if the 1967-68 revival at Seven Arts of Warners had allowed the Runner to continue, and that one off-Looney Tunes attempt in the last one shot, Rapid Rabbit, was a true ripoff, that if the Roadrunner's family and rhyming talking came to the theatre in still more cartoons, it wouldn't surprise anybody.

I can just imagine with the Hanna-Barbera-ification that they'd have H-B's stock co.of actors [back in 1967, if that move was done instead oif using Warners own voiced, who'd play the Roadrunners-Mel Blanc had established an intellectual voice for Wiley going bakc to 1952 and used it in the next to last one shot, and Alex Lovy's last, Chimp and Zee as the fat professor-however I'll assume if Warners tried to bastardise the Roadrunners in the late 60s by talking the Dell/Whitman pages version with the rhyming to screen, that in the then current HB-ification that Daws Butler might voice most with Janet Waldo as Mrs.Runner. Actuallty finer voices, though Walter Lantz had cast Daws as poor [in every way]
Chilly Willy and Janet Waldo, a sperb teenage girl imprerssionist as Judy, and it's her own voice, was later cast in crappy toons [Josie, These are the Days,etc.]

BTW Larry Storch seemed to be the "bastardization era" 1960s voice for most new Warner characters in the late 60s.

Then there those non-Mel Blanc Bugs Bunny records [both the albums Mel recalled in That's Not All Folks in 1988 right around his death] and the ones that Mitch Miller [despite his "Laura Turner?Tipper Gore" image much more deserving of respect in many ways] produced and directed at Golden Records with Bugs Bunny. where [HOPEFULLY] for logistical reasons Blanc is not voicing the characters.

[My apologies for THREE comments but Blogger had to cut it off - character quantity limit, y'know.]

Your Pony Pal, Pokey, too