Monday, November 22, 2010

A Bunch of Dirty Tricks: Ripoff Alert

Dirty Trick# 1 Not telling you on the cover what cartoons are on the disk, so that you get tricked into buying the same cartoons again. I can't believe they would do this. They should have just called the box :"OFFICIAL BUGS BUNNY PRODUCT"I scoured the back cover and found no clue as to what was on the disk.When I opened it, there wasn't even a booklet to tell you what was on the disks. But then I noticed that BEHIND the disks hidden under the cover was something. You have to take the cover out of the box to see what's actually on the disks. Amazing.

Dirty Trick # 2: Rereleasing all the cartoons that have already been released a million times. wonder if they at least fixed all the transfer problems and got rid of the DVNR on these cartoons.

#3 Compiling the most well known overshown episodes instead of the best ones.If you need your 5th copy of What's Opera Doc, this is for you.

#4 Filler: Loading it up with cartoons no one wants - from the 70s on. "Carrotblanca" for Christ's sake.#5 Putting out a disk with only one character on it. This is the kind of thing they do on TV. They have these marathons of just one character- a sure way to burn him out and make the audience never want to see him again.

I can't figure out if the people who put these things out are actually evil, or just idiots. Maybe some combination. They love to kill the Golden Goose, that's for sure.


Cody Clarke said...

It's sad we live in a world where cartoons like Hong Kong Phooey, Aquaman, and Wacky Races receive better DVD treatment than Bugs Bunny, Foghorn Leghorn, Daffy Duck, etc.

SunshineFox said...

The Golden Collections (1-6) are the only ones that actually seem to be legit and give you your moneys worth with, but no idea if EVERYTHING is included on all 6 or not.

Steven M. said...

Warner Bros. shouldn't of released that DVD. They instead should of continued the Golden Collection series, those was better (aside from the hideous video transfers).

kurtwil said...

Wrt "figure out", They're probably doing all of what you described, JK.
It's a mess, for sure.

Meanwhile, you've probably read this already but here's the link for those who don't know Disney's abandoning making new fairy tale based animated movies:

TANGLED is the last one.

Martin Juneau said...

I know you don't like MGM's Tom and Jerry so much but they did much worse with the Deluxe Anniversary Collection than with this "Official Bugs Bunny" DVD in case of control and quality prints. But both of these aren't worth our money.

Brendon Booton said...

Hey John,

My name is Brendon Booton and I go to Treynor High School and I am trying to come up with an cartoon and I was wondering if I could use a type of Spumco style of cartoons and girls? Please Comment back. Thank You.

gbeaudette said...

Warners and Disney both like to double dip with these things; putting out big sets for the older cartoon nerds and smaller cheaper sets for families.

Just like how WB was releasing Golden Collection sets the same day as "spotlight collection" sets that had the same cartoons, only half of them.

What sucks (on top of trying to take a third dip with this set) is that stuff like Song of the South and the Censored 11 can't even get a release for us nerds because they're afraid some regular folks might see it.

Unless my Golden Collection DVDs rotted away without me knowing, I'll skip this set.

Andrés Sanhueza said...

I kind of always preferred that those sets were released on chronological order instead of arbitrary distinctions.

BTW, do you have the Flintstones laserdisc booklet for sharing?

Elana Pritchard said...

Thank you for the warning. I think the answer is that the people putting it out just don't give a rat's ass.

My new comic is up- anyone care to see it??

Don't Let This Happen To You!

Peggy said...

Unfortunately, I'm afraid that your needs as "hardcore master cartoonist who knows encyclopedic amounts about the history of his medium" are a bit less lucrative to serve than those of someone who's probably buying their first and last collection of Bugs Bunny cartoons, and is satisfied with "the one where they sing opera" and "that one with the Bogey parody I actually saw in a theatre".

mike f. said...

I wish to hell Warner's would give me a shot at drawing their cartoon DVD covers. That soulless, mathematically symmetrical image of Bugs Bunny's disembodied head should've been your first clue.

I've asked about doing their MGM and Hanna-Barbera DVD box covers too - but so far, no soap. Thanks to King Features', Steve DeStefano was able to design the Fleischer Popeyes. His artwork wasn't altered, and those DVDs look much less generic.

Forbidden Hippo said...

Any word on an official Betty Boop collection? I would love to see the complete Boop shorts collection given the Popeye treatment.

N. Eri said...

It's a way for them to make quick cash, but it sadly cheapens the image and quality of classic cartoons.

@kurtwil Actually, Disney confirmed on their Facebook page that the LA Times article is false.

kurtwil said...

N.Eri, thanks for heads up. Well, Ed Catmull is certainly a major authority at Pixar and Disney. Why the article could be so far off base seems odd. Then again, Disney is known for internal political battles.
If TANGLED makes a mint, no doubt there will be more fairy tales. If not...well, we'll see.

Back to topic: I wonder how video online services deal with duplicated content?

HemlockMan said...

What pisses me off about DVDs is that they don't give you any cool stuff with them anymore. In the early days you'd at least get a half-assed page or two printed on glossy paper, if not an actual pamphlet with useful information. But they've stopped doing that, even! Just the damned disks and nothing else.

Zartok-35 said...

At least they have the 'My dream is yours' sequence on their. That was okay.

Victor Resistor said...

John, I have to say, with your industry power could you not create some kind of cartoon archive release series?

You could release the complete Betty Boop (are these not public domain now) and if you can get the backing of the owners you could even snazz up the series (and live out your fantasies) with a couple of new shorts made by your and your buddies!

Harmke said...

In Holland there's a trick #6!
"Let's hire some very bad Dutch voice actors to dub the original voices, but don't tell it on the cover" That happened to me once and now I never buy those dvd's again, because I don't want to be dissapointed again.

They think Dutch kids can't understand English, but on the other hand the kids have to learn English from an ugly green monster called Muzzy. I always watched the original cartoons, in English, and I understood what it was about, so there's no problem at all! Now they are dubbing everything :/ Even the ugly rl-series on Disneychannel are dubbed (very badly), what makes it even more horror than it already is T_T

JohnK said...

"I have to say, with your industry power could you not create some kind of cartoon archive release series? "

Cartoonists don't have any industry power in the cartoon business.

SandraRivas said...

Carrotblanca? Really? I remember falling asleep to that cartoon when I was young.

I saw the DVD at the stores but I never bought it. I already have my Golden Collection, even there are some cartoons the Golden Collection doesn't have.

Taco Wiz A.K.A That One Guy said...

To be honest, I like the idea of sets by character. For example, I like "Ren and Stimpy Volume 1" better than "The Essential Nickelodeon Cartoons from the 90s." Then I'd be paying not only for Ren and Stimpy, but for Doug and Aah! Real Monsters.

Everything else is a dirty trick, though. I think we should just get all the Bugs Bunny cartoons in one 3-6 volume series, all the Daffy Duck cartoons in a 3-6 volume series, etc., with the golden collections being used for other shorts. WB has no idea how to market their hallmark.

J C Roberts said...

Plenty of material stuck in the vaults, but they'd rather over milk the same cow (until it looks like Ren's cow from "The Littlest Giant")

I thought there was a different Bugs set planned with 15 cartoons, along with a separate Daffy one. Plus I thought those were intended to have some not on the Golden Collection. That's the usual approach, put some cartoons not available elsewhere on it to bait collectors into buying a 75% retread.

I'd also prefer a chronological set, but it's never going to happen. I seldom want to watch them in the order they present them, and it gets tiresome swapping between 24 discs and fumbling with 6 different fold and flap packages to get to them.

There's no perfect way to do it, and they'll never be concerned with the desires of hardcore fans over mass market appeal.

And this?:
"Cartoonists don't have any industry power in the cartoon business."

So sadly right on the button. And coming from the man who made the biggest ripple in that stagnant pond just goes to show how shackled the industry is.

Mike Bombon said...

This setup might be a problem if this product had any real visibility or real weight, but I have a feeling this is in the bargain bin at WalMart stores so won't be ruffling too many "purist" feathers out there.

This is a ten dollar babysitter for parents.

Just don't buy it.

JohnK said...

It's no bargain

It's $25 and only half the cartoons are real ones.

Victor Resistor said...

"Cartoonists don't have any industry power in the cartoon business."

That's really quite a sad thought. Is there no way to address this?

Isaak said...

Don't buy anything except the Night of the Hunter Crtierion DVD until the banned cartoons come out this year.

Thus, no money goes to ripoffs.

Anonymous said...

The Essential Bugs Bunny is definitely vague packaging. It's not like there isn't enough room on the back to list the shorts included; 15 can easily fit. Look at the back of the recent LT Super-Stars DVDs.

And despite the widescreen cropping problems with the Super-Stars DVDs, at least they specifically state whether the shorts included are new to DVD or not.

Erik B said...

Are there actually old looney tunes cartoons originally made in wide screen?

the looney tunes collection that they brought out in Holland doesn't have any wide screen versions and the dvd menu and the box arts look like crap.
they treated it witch no care at all
and the cartoons are not even in chronological order... at least it featured a feature about Bob Clampet with you, John.

David Germain said...

Someone had posted the cartoon list for this dvd online (I think it was someone at GAC) so I've known for a long time that this is a set I can avoid.
This set might be a useful tool to help introduce small children to Bugs Bunny for the first time for anyone who doesn't already have any other LT dvds). That's probably the best thing you can say about it. Other than that, there's no point in buying it.

Rob Mortimer said...

I wish we could get these in chronological order. Maybe once online video is a bit further down the line we could buy all the Golden Collection toons and re-order them ourselves.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how many people will read this, since it's an old post, but WB learned their lesson with The Essential Daffy Duck (released on 11/1) by listing the included shorts on the back, unlike Essential Bugs. So there ya go, problem solved with any future DVDs in this "Essential" line, I think.

Laylassong said...

hey speaking of rip offs i was watching nick with my daughter and an episode of fairly odd parents was on. i had to show you this. i guess you really influenced cartoons more than i relized.

there is a short comercial in the beggining but it was the only place i could find a clip. the whole episode is a rip off of ren and stimpy

Anonymous said...

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