Monday, November 22, 2010

A Bunch of Dirty Tricks: Ripoff Alert

Dirty Trick# 1 Not telling you on the cover what cartoons are on the disk, so that you get tricked into buying the same cartoons again. I can't believe they would do this. They should have just called the box :"OFFICIAL BUGS BUNNY PRODUCT"I scoured the back cover and found no clue as to what was on the disk.When I opened it, there wasn't even a booklet to tell you what was on the disks. But then I noticed that BEHIND the disks hidden under the cover was something. You have to take the cover out of the box to see what's actually on the disks. Amazing.

Dirty Trick # 2: Rereleasing all the cartoons that have already been released a million times. wonder if they at least fixed all the transfer problems and got rid of the DVNR on these cartoons.

#3 Compiling the most well known overshown episodes instead of the best ones.If you need your 5th copy of What's Opera Doc, this is for you.

#4 Filler: Loading it up with cartoons no one wants - from the 70s on. "Carrotblanca" for Christ's sake.#5 Putting out a disk with only one character on it. This is the kind of thing they do on TV. They have these marathons of just one character- a sure way to burn him out and make the audience never want to see him again.

I can't figure out if the people who put these things out are actually evil, or just idiots. Maybe some combination. They love to kill the Golden Goose, that's for sure.