Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Comic Book Stories

Christmas is not generally the best theme for cartoon fun. It usually means cartoons and comics that are mild, not too raucous and worst of all - good for you! Even so, I highly recommend Christmas comic books as a nice present for some kid in your family.Animators-when not telling pure cartoon stories- have an odd tendency to want to draw sweet naked men and boys and this book has some of that. It's something for the kids to wonder about.
Even Santa has no qualms running around in his drawers.
You can't go wrong with a good dog-kicking lesson.
And you know I love when animals with realistic anatomy stand on their hind legs. Yes sir, I like it!
There are a lot of sweetie-pie Santas in these old comics. You'll have to see if this one disrobes when you buy the book.
Lots of semi-cartoon, semi-real funny animals used to turn out for Christmas adventures during the Golden Age of Comics.
For fans of Walt Kelly's less cartoony stuff, there are a few stories in here.

What's Christmas fun without a good cry?

All the usual approved classic comic artists are in here too.
I have to ask though... why so much John Stanley?
Every comics collection feels obligated to have John Stanley in it. I have never got him. His drawings are just boring and stiff to me and there are plenty of great lesser known comic artists from our glorious past to choose from. Someone oughta just make one final all John Stanley book for his die-hard fans. Most of the fans I talk to could care less about more Little Lulu and her ilk.
and finally, Say NO to realistic comics in funny collections!
It's hard for me to imagine that anyone who likes funny animal type comics really wants to pay for pages filled with bland realistic comics. really, the last thing anyone wants for Christmas is Jesus. Luckily there are only 2 realistic stories in the book, so feel free to just tear them out.
Please let me know if you agree or disagree about the inclusion of realistic comic stories in funny collections...maybe they'll stop doing it if they know it stinks.

But mostly, this is a swell book for kids. If kids have to hear Christmas stories before bedtime all through December, it's best to read them from comic books!


Here are some other fine collections that will make great Christmas presents:

These early Archie stories are quite ribald! Montana is very liberal with his female anatomy. No naked dwarfs or fat guys with beards in this collection, but plenty of tight sweaters and freshly slicked bicycle seats.

Of course Milt Gross is the greatest.