Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yearning For Cockamamies

Who can live without skin pictures?
Skin was a much cheaper printing surface than paper in the 1960s.

Remember the song?

"Cockamamies, Cockamamies,
Made from Human Skin.
They will lift your spirits high
How they'll make you grin.

Hide your blemishes and pimples
Wipe away your moles
Drape your flesh in Cockamamies
Purify your souls...

Flintstone Flintstone
Fred and Wilma
Barney, Dino Too
Clothe your flesh in Betty Rubble
Glue a few on Sue

Mom and sister
Dad and Kitty
Evil Neighbor Bob
Covet all your Cockamies
Mouths adrip with gob

Feel 'em, peel 'em
Lick'em, stick'em
Mix your tongue with goo
Cockamamies hide your nakeds
So much fun for you!"

Hanna Barbera Cockamamies are fun for Christians everywhere around the globe!