Saturday, February 12, 2011

even more HB Toys

sorry I haven't put any thrilling posts up lately
I'm kinda burnt out on cartoon theories for the moment-or at least writing about them
however, I always love when Mike Fontanelli sends me these wacky toy images, so I just put 'em up in case anyone else likes funny toys too
I would love to be in the board meeting when someone says "I got it! We'll make a line of Yogi toys where all the characters have flesh colored heads, but the bodies will be their regular colors!" I bet he got a bonus for that. Maybe another top exec added the oversized belly buttons.

here's a well groomed 70s Fred with vestigial ear mounds and webbed digits

Magilla Gorilla cartoons are pretty stinky but he sure made a great line of toys
Top Cat teaches our young the all-American happy art of killing. The cardboard hanger is as cool as the holster design. Is that a one-eyed Huck at bottom right? Musta had the other'n shot out by TC.
childs everywhere love giant fuzzy beasts