Saturday, February 26, 2011

Makinita by popular demand

Boy, he really digs around to find the most obscure stuff.
Here's a real diamond from Eddie's masterpiece.


Robert said...

Tales of Worm Paranoia is too awesome for words.

One of the other What A Cartoons which came in a solid second place (the rest wasn't all that great).

Martin Juneau said...

What i'm surprised is your satisfaction towards to Makinita's art style. I know his drawings since years and he's such one of the most terrific cartoonists i ever found online. I wish more peoples draw at that way today, mostly in DeviantArt. Thanks for sharing this stuff.

TF141Soldier said...

I have to say I'm really enjoying his devotion to Spumco artwork.

Oh, and John? Considering that you think that animators don't have a single brain cell in terms of making cartoons, why don't you remake more 'toons? I know Spumco's gone and all, but it would be great.

You could really prove them wrong again like you did in Mighty Mouse or Ren and Stimpy.

But, I'm starting to sound kinda like a broken record, aren't I?

Archie said...

Crazy stuff. Awesome!

Steven M. said...


Andrés Sanhueza said...

In Mexico people are doing an animated Top Cat movie. Top Cat was particularly popular in Latin America due to the Mexican Spanish dub. I have no idea about the flick itself, though. There's no much info.

Promotional posters

Lavalle Lee said...

I love the colors, very awesome work!

J C Roberts said...

That Top Cat project is an interesting notion. Not so much whatever final product comes of it, but the fact that it's being done at all. Is it officially cleared with Warner? I know there were some foreign Pixar ripoffs that weren't. They didn't use actual characters but the obvious "here's our version" aspect was undeniable.

The posters sure have that typical video box airbrushed look, but I wonder what the actual film is going to look like. Has anyone done 3D cell animation yet? It would be hard to get anything but a View Master quality 3D effect unless they tried the cell shaded approach that's only been used for video games, but they'd need to improve that look to make a film around it.

Gordeaux said...

I totally agree withtf141Soldier,
John please go back to work and make more brilliant cartoons!
I too may become a broken record for you!

kurtwil said...

Makinita's stuff is very impressive.

Robert, thanks for links - very interesting animation, including some of RIPPING FRIENDS, showed up as well.

J C, I've been doing 3D shaded 2D stuff for years - QuickDraw3D bitmap technology's been around since mid 90's and was used briefly (and badly) in the DRAWN TOGETHER MOVIE. It's not part of TOON BOOM or any vector animation software, so any house will have to do post rendering to get that look.

However, who knows - perhaps TOON BOOM will introduce their own version so the folks doing TOP CAT can render other than the typical flat tonal drawing look TOON BOOM is known for.
BTW, that shading look can be tuned so it's not hard and "glassy". Still, it may turn purists off.

Omar Momani said...

am with TF141Soldier either

J C Roberts said...

Hey, if only it were as simple as having someone write "please go back to work" or "why don't you" and out come new masterpieces ready to view. Hard, team based effort, and lots of funding is needed. Production studios or network backing usually play a part, too. As much as we'd all like to see more of his work fully realized, it's not polite to treat a legend like a dancing bear.

It's a crime he still has to go pitch, or take meetings with execs who don't even understand what it was that made him an influential innovator and just want him to put a spin on their stale ideas, but that's the industry. Anyway, we don't necessarily know what might be in the works.

Kurtwil-I guess I haven't seen enough good examples yet of 3D "2D". I've seen how Futurama and Family guy use a cleaner version of 3D with a line drawing look, and "The Drinky Crow Show" was completely done that way, but it all still looks too robotic to me. Even stiffer than Dreamworks CG. If they can give it a more real, human touch it perhaps could work. Maybe if they had good animators rotoscope the lines instead of letting the computer do it it would breath more naturally, but that sounds like a lot of work (aka too expensive for the execs to green light).

kurtwil said...

Actually, JC, I was referring to 2D which is shaded with 3D lighting (After Effects and right plug-ins can do this).
If done wrong, results are hard and glassy. If done right, it gives a sense of volume to the artwork.

"Toon Shading" for 3D is very difficult to set up. All too often the lines can be damaged or disappear due to folding/warping of the 3D surface.

Agreed, the "Drinky Crow Show" feels robotic - it looked like a mix of FLASH and toon rendered 3D.

J C Roberts said...

Oh, sure. I've seen plenty of that. Starting with Roger Rabbit and frequently used in cereal commercials. I mostly prefer good old fashioned modeling, but it's a lot more manual work.

HemlockMan said...

Kid has a good grasp of how to create emotion in 2D!

Miki said...

Mexican animation studios of today, responsible for some of the worst Flash cartoons being made worldwide ("Huevocartoon", "El Chavo animado"), had to go and destroy Top Cat as well... whoever has the rights over Hanna-Barbera's characters does not seem to care about how they are degraded at all.

J C Roberts said...

"Kid has a good grasp of how to create emotion in 2D!"

I wouldn't entirely judge his ability for that based on these pieces. They're all recreations of Spumco(and Bakshi MM) artwork. He's not so much creating emotion with these as he's creating emulation. Whether his own designs have the same qualities is a different issue.

I will say his backgrounds are more of a departure from the source material, and he does a fine job with that. If I were to run the risk of offereing any kind of critique, it would be that the linework feels a bit stiff and vector-like. I don't know what he's using, but it has the look of a line drawing tool from something like Flash or Illustrator.


HEY, my teacher animated worm paranoia!