Friday, September 14, 2012

Drawings to Practice Inking

Let's see if you learned anything


Julián Höek said...

Hi John, many thanks for the feedback.
I fixed those lines (hopefully better now) and also did a George Liquor AMERICAN!


Ethan Harper said...

Here's another from me: Ernie walks. Thanks again, John; would love to hear your thoughts/critique on my attempts at this exercise :)

Carlos Mal said...

It's harder than it looks, guys.

Anonymous said...

I noticed a clip of Richard Dreyfuss yesterday. I always liked his acting no matter what the Movie was. Intense. Bert & Ernie from Sesame Street are Classics to me. I loved the Muppets. When I watched the new Muppet Movie that came out I thought "who are these people?" They ruined most of the Movie in my view. "Ren & Stimpy" seemed to have a lot of different people that didn't always work? The voices everything. Thinking about the eyes here I started thinking about "the Grinch who stole Christmas." The eyes they had. That is really a Classic to me. Thin lines I believe. More about the Story and Characters. Toy dolls don't have heavy black lines. I like narration sometimes. I absolutely love the older felt reindeer Christmas story Movies. "Paddington Bear" is Awesome! I possibly hate "South Park." I think there's a lot of inferior toys today. Toys are so important. I actually did buy "The Simpsons" from Burger King since I thought those were good toys. I wish I still had them. My Aunt had to mail order Cabbage Patch dolls from Indiana for us. That might be the biggest toy phenomena in my life????

Dudo said...

My latest study

Kyle said...

I'm pretty sure I butchered this but any input would be great.

Ethan Harper said...

And another: Slab!

I desperately want to be doing a lot more of these than I currently have the time for*, but I’ll do all I can for now, and - if this really is essentially try-outs for your inking crew on 'Cans', John - I will do whatever it takes to MAKE more time to get it done for you (and, in effect, for myself ;)

*Because of this inability to do as much as I’d like, I thought I’d add a little color (which is not my strong suit, so I just dropped some in the background and with the letters; if I attempted to fully color Slab, there, my OCD would take over and I’d be up all night again (and I have to be up at 4:30 for work in the morning(!)...) and silly up my piece a bit: Check it.

ANYway, thanks again for all the great feedback, and here's hoping I'll have the opportunity for plenty more in the future (and can help you out :)


Leigh Anna Frostad said...

Tried my hand at one of them.
Sorry I ruined your beautiful sketch, aha

L. Frostad said...

whooops, here, this is better: