Friday, September 28, 2012

Toonboom's Animate on sale today

Toon Boom Animation: Toon Boom Animate Professional Animation Software

seems to be on sale for $350 today. That's a pretty good deal

$349.00 $699.99
$149.00 $299.99
$199.00 $369.99


Bobby UX said...

Just curious, is Toonboom being used to ink?

kurtwil said...

yup. one of their bigger sales this year. folks wanting to snag it should do so today.

BTW is Harmony inking comparable with what you are doing in Animate?
I've Harmony.

Carmine said...

So is Animate fine to use as well as Animate Pro?

JohnK said...

yes. That's what I am using.

junkiejames said...

will there ever be a video of you animating using toonboom?

Carmine said...

Hey John, I did a couple more inks and really tried to keep all the original shapes in tact and not tone anything down, as you advised:

More Inks

I'm gonna keep practicing. Thanks as always.

Anonymous said...

I have no business being here. I'm not an artist of any kind, but the blog is interesting to me nonetheless, because it makes me see animation differently. It points out stuff I never would have thought about or noticed, and explains why some stuff looks good and other stuff looks crap.

Thank you, Mr. K!

John Atkinson said...

Hey John, I've inked up some Slab and Ernie for ya! Would be great to hear what you think.

sloppymom666 said...


Thank you SO MUCH for making this blog such an available and immersive resource! I can't tell you how inspired I am not only by your art but also by your excitement about what you do and your willingness to share knowledge.

Thanks again,

Stephen Archie said...

Toon Boom isn't the easiest software to use...unless I'm just rubbish.


Dang! Missed it. Keep us posted on the big sales!

Nikki Baker said...

Hi John,

On a complete and seperate note...

Been trying to find you-
I'm back from Australia and wanted swap adventure stories. It's been a while..

The food was excellent down under by the way... No bolony sandwiches.
Would so luv to catch up!
I still have the Easter prints..