Thursday, September 27, 2012

Inking Test in Toonboom

 Some folks have been sending me some pretty good inking samples. If you want to do a test on an actual scene in Toonboom, let me know.

Here's a swell George by Julian.
I like Ethan too.
He has a nice sense of organic form.
His inks of the characters feel alive.

 Paul is good but still a bit mechanical. Some of his curves look like he is using a circle template. It could benefit from a more organic approach.
Nik is pretty good but I think he may have changed some shapes.
Like Slab's cuffs
also the thin lines in the details are a bit too thin.

I suggest if you want me to look at your samples, that you

PUT AN ACTIVE LINK in the comments so I can just click it and get to your page.

YOU gotta make it easy for me to comment and find you. 
none of this crap:

I tried filling it
this damn Craptha thing 6 times
and never got through.

Oh and if you're crazy, don't bother to send me any more
unless you want the cops to come haul you away again.