Saturday, June 01, 2019


Furpy has just been weaned and then left astray. He is Cigarettes the Cat's little obedient buddy and will do anything for him. He is the cute relief of Stinky Time Theater.

Like most cats, He doesn't like baths. His tears mix with the drips and suds.

 Here is part of a story from Stinky Time Theater that features Furpy in the beginning.

Sody Pop Loves Furpy

Furpy is a stray kitten and Sody Pop can't resist strays. She finds him stuck in the drainpipe and pulls him out. She feeds him, pets him and cleans the grease out of his fur. After blowdrying him he is so fluffy and cute that she suffers an attack of cute aggression.

Sody and Furpy Stickers to Love