Sunday, June 16, 2019

Happy Father's Day!

Dad, you are my greatest inspiration. That's why I put you and your lessons about life in so many of my cartoons. 

Here is a tribute to you, excerpted from the Cans DVD Supplemental chapters.

My Dad (and Mom) raised my sister and I right. 

There wasn't a day when Dad didn't remind us of the importance of discipline, frugality and planning for the future.

He's very serious about seriousness - which I think he learned from being in the military (the Royal Canadian Air Force) for years.

My sister, who is much smarter than me absorbed these lessons better than I did.
Being a cartoonist I was not so serious. I lived in a fantasy world of Mad Magazine, comics, cartoons and TV shows,  which worried him no end.
He was determined to set me straight about life.

This scene from Anthony's Dad was inspired by the day when I as an 11 year old kid came home from school.
I opened the front door, dropped my books on the floor and was ready to race upstairs to my room to read my comic books.

I could see Dad sitting at the kitchen table reading the papers. "Johnny, is that you?"

 He slowly....v e r y   s l o w l y turned around and shoved the front page of the paper in my face and said:
"You're hero's           DEAD!!"

I gasped and clutched at my chest. It can't be! Not Walt!!

Dad continued, "You know what DEAD is? It means no more! Disney's not a God! He's a mere mortal and kicked off like anyone else! Just like you and I and you're little friends and everyone else will be one day! 

"You're 11 years old now! It's time you put your cartoons and comic books away and started thinking about your future!"

George Liquor is very much like Dad - an American version of him. He too believes in discipline and the value of a buck. Neither of them would ever pay full price for anything; they are always on the hunt for bargains. Here - George will explain it to you just like my ol' man explained it to me.

Dad wasn't always so hard boiled. Every now and then he'd feel bad if he saw me moping around like after a haircut.


One time after giving me an extra short haircut with the miracle "Hair Whiz" home scalping device I went into my room to sulk.

To make up for it he broke down and bought me some clothes that he thought the kids were wearing in the late 60s. He was especially excited about a pair of pants he found for me (on sale of course). 

I was stupified when I opened the box and saw them.

"C,mon Johnny! You always wanted some hippie clothes. Now you got 'em, put 'em on!"

He made me stand on the lawn while he took pictures of my red white and blue pants with candy cane zippers on the pockets and shiny plastic belt.

AFTER HAIR WHIZ with costume gift
I prayed no one would see me, but then the bully from down the street came out of his house to go look for some wimps to terrify. 

As he walked by, he actually smiled at me for once and said, "Hey, Uncle Sam, how's it hangin'?"

Anyway memories like these are forever seared in my brain and one by one make their way into my cartoon stories.

So Happy Father's Day to you Dad and to all the other Dads who get gray hair worrying about their kids. 

P.S. Your pet hippo Missy wishes you a happy day too. She'd get up to say it if she wasn't on dry land.