Monday, October 21, 2019

Vampire Gal 5 inked, Colored and Available

 I recently finished inking and coloring one of my Vampire Gal designs.
Here are some of the steps I take to draw and color it.

First I open Toonboom's Animate 3 and import my rough sketch.
 Then I start inking each body part on its own layer.

Next I duplicate all the ink layers and use the duplicates to fill the colors. 

It ends up being a lot of Goddamn layers let me tell you.

 Once all the inks and fills are done, I export them one at a time as pngs. (I haven't figured out if you can just export the all the Animate layers as separate pngs all at once.)

Or even better export them all at once into a PSD and keep the same folder/layer structure in the same order as they are in Animate.

Then I drag them all into a PSD and arrange them in the same order as the Animate layers.

 Once they are all imported into the psd, I create new layers that I can render each body part using the Photoshop brushes.

I end up with something like this.

 Some people said I needed to add a moon and bats then put it on a T-shirt. I obeyed.

Here's what they look like on real people like you:


I hope you will avail yourself to one of these fine shirts. 
You can find them in my Funstuff Cartoon Store. Just click the nice lady below and pick a shirt color and size.
Bloody Vampire Gal