Friday, March 27, 2020

Caricaturing From Memory to get design ideas.

I watched a beach movie the other day. It starred Dolores Hart and I wanted to caricature her.
It also starred Yvette Mimieux who I wasn't as familiar with.
She, like Dolores, has a very unique specific look. Certain features struck me.
The next morning I tried drawing them from memory.
I didn't capture Dolores (the 2 on the right) very well at all. I tried Yvette - it doesn't totally look like her since I wasn't staring at her head in front of me, but I got some design ideas out of my faulty memory anyway.

The most notable features I remembered were:
A very angular Head Shape. Almost a tall rectangle.
Wide sad eyes.
A nose shape like a little bell.
A big wide smile.
A short chin.
My first sketches were conservative but when I did some more they got a little looser and simpler.
I also remembered her unique proportions:
A thin torso.
Very wide hips in contrast. 
Long legs.
I like doing caricatures because I discover new features and shapes I can apply to character designs so that they don't all follow a standard animation design pattern.

I just googled her and see where I missed some facial features.

I'll take another stab at it later.