Thursday, March 12, 2020

Random Breakfast Doodles and Comps for Ref

I draw lots of design experiments and random doodles each morning in the hope I can build up a design reference palette for when I need a quick character designed.

I do caricatures of people I see in the news like this gal with the unique lips and then try to make variations that are more cartoony.
These below are inspired by Vera Ellen, a great dancer from classic Hollywood musicals.
I did them from memory the morning after I watched a movie that she starred in.
They don't quite look like her but I got some ideas about her facial structure that I can possibly use later.
 Here are a couple simplified librarian variations.
 Some simple UPA-ish doodles.

 Asian ladies.
 A news reporter and a couple stylized fellows.
 A hair style I saw a woman on the news had.
 More UPA-ishes and another librarian.
I have a hard time simplifying women to the point of matching my very simple and abstracted 50s UPA style men.
 More Asians.
 Some boring sketches
 You know who...
 I like marsupials. How about you?

A woman of color.
 Random poses

Lots of the doodles don't amount to anything but the ones I think might be useful later I save and comp them into reference pages of similar design ideas and styles.