Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Toy Drawings and Bobbleheads

I was looking at some of my toys and sketched a stuffed Mickey Mouse doll.
Then I sketched him as a potential bobblehead. (upper left.)

From there my mind wandered and I started sketching other characters and what they might look like as bobbleheads.
I like the really old bobbleheads that had huge heads and small bodies and based my drawings on my memory of those.

 Googly Lenticular eyes are especially cool.

Dictator Bobble heads were very popular when I was growing up.

Here's our own as a bobblehead but he looks too cute in the drawings.
Here's a more accurate portrayal.

Here are some random non-bobblehead toy doodles.

 We used to have alarm clocks designed to scare us awake.